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Will PolstonMake It Happen

I came to Infusionsoft with no idea where to begin - learning Infusionsoft can seem like a MONSTER of a task to begin with. The EXELA coaching with my one-to-one coach gave me simplification of what to do, and how to do it. My coach was enthusiastic and always went the extra mile, imparting his broad knowledge into easy to understand and use short cuts.

I look forward to a continued relationship with EXELA as I push forward to achieving my business goals over the coming months.

We purchased Infusionsoft as we wanted a CRM system that would enable us to automate both our clients marketing as well as our own whilst also making it more responsive to the unique needs and behaviours of each customer.

Our EXELA coach taught us how to put this process into practice by teaching us how to build our marketing funnels strategically to incorporate different paths to respond to the varying requirements of and actions taken by consumers.

During the training we also learnt how to segment our database of contacts using tags to not only identify leads but also to determine how best to market products and services to them based on their actions within the system, so they only receive information of interest to them.

The training given by the team at EXELA was fantastic – they took the time to understand our goals as a business and structured our learning around these outcomes which ultimately enabled us to get our automation processes and marketing funnels set up a lot quicker and more efficiently.

Faye Sefton
Yellow Marketing Programme
Heather Sykes Aquarius Hygiene

I found the EXELA Infusionsoft training excellent and I quickly learnt how to make the software work for our business. My EXELA Infusionsoft coach was really helpful, she took the time to listen to what we wanted to achieve and showed me how best to meet our goals quickly and efficiently.

The training modules were flexible and I could schedule them for the days and times which were suitable. I would recommend ensuring you put the time in early on to really make the most of Infusionsoft, the more you put into it to start with the more you will get out in the long run.

We purchased the package with a very specific project in mind and quite a tight deadline for getting the software working for us, however as I went through the training modules I have found there are so many different ways I can apply Infusionsoft to the day to day running of the company. Even after I completed my Infusionsoft training I know that there is still help and support available for me from the team.

We are very happy with the experience as a whole, and would highly recommend to anyone unsure about purchasing because you get so much more than just the software, the training staff really make the difference.

Investing in InfusionSoft could be a daunting experience given the sheer scale of the system. From the start I was cognizant of the fact that understanding the dynamic interplay of all the different parts is key to leveraging the full power of the system.  And although infusionsoft has an excellent database of 'walk through' videos, nothing can compare to the customized guidance you get from EXELA. I've had the pleasure of dealing with Andy, Jamie, Rachael and David and all four were proficient, attentive, thorough and timely with their advice.

Everything EXELA advised accentuated the power and usability of the system. They gave me an in-depth grounding that enabled me to understand how all the different parts connected to effectively automate my entire online business. The coaching was delivered in real time via 'GoToMeeting' so I was seeing my campaign built in real time in front of  me which was a great learning experience. Each training session is recorded so I could review every module at my leisure for maximum comprehension and recall. In fact my entire experience with EXELA could be summed up in this quote from Benjamin Franklin:

'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn'

In effect they involved me in every step of the process and as a result over just a few sessions I went from being a novice to someone that is reasonably proficient with Infusionsoft. All in all a wonderful experience from start to finish. If you are looking to expedite your understanding of Infusionsoft, gain a solid grounding in its core features or require in-depth guidance to develop sophisticated campaigns then I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending EXELA. All in all one of the very best companies in this space, and the shortcut to success with Infusionsoft in my humble opinion

Martin O'FlynnThe Insight Series
Suzy AllinsonAesthetics Journal

 EXELA are great at continuing to offer advice and respond to our email questions with valuable input, offering us additional ongoing support. We found this level of customer service very helpful as many questions and issues only arise once you have finished your training and are using a system in ‘real life'.

The training we received from EXELA was first class – taking the time to understand our B2B requirements was imperative, and their training package to support us through the setup and integration steps had our Infusionsoft application up and running quickly and efficiently.

We were looking to automate our business process in such a way that we could give every client an excellent personalised service through our sales, delivery and client on-boarding journey. Before Infusionsoft, as the business grew we struggled to maintain the level of communication we aspired to, and recognised that in order to create raving fans of the Total Control Pro™ Manufacturing Tracking Systems we needed to ensure every client felt that our team were on hand to support their organisation through their implementation of our Cloud technology.

As software developers, we thought our only choice was to build our own system – then came Infusionsoft – we found its automation processes put our sales and administration teams back in control of what they do best. Now we know nobody slips-through-the-net.

I would highly recommend EXELA and the training and assistance packages they offer.

Dorian Smellie
Total Control Pro
Patrick RyanSire Properties

EXELA 1:1 Infusionsoft coaching gave me a fantastic understanding of how to implement my marketing strategy with clarity in easy to understand uncomplicated layman’s terms. My coach was able to tailor my coaching to my requirements and my priorities, enabling me to build out the key automation’s I wanted with a clear understanding of the system that weren’t just theoretical. The consistent follow-up’s and check in’s from the EXELA Team to see how I am progressing really makes a positive difference to the learning experience and the ongoing learning.

We opted to use Infusionsoft as it came highly recommended by a previous client. Once I had spoken to the sales team and was confident the system would do everything we wanted it to, we signed up. I have had a number of coaching sessions with the  EXELA Team, and have been really impressed with their knowledge and also their patience when talking through processes step by step.

Our CRM is key to what we do and how we communicate with our clients and prospects. We have automated our marketing and also other office processes which has made life much easier and gives more time to be focused on strategy rather than doing admin. Signing up to Infusionsoft  with EXELA training was a very good choice.

Hazel Coupe
Team Massive Results