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EXELA provides Infusionsoft training for small business owners and their teams who wish to thrive

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As a marketing amateur but a business owner of 3 years, this was truely enlightening. I wish I had done this 2 years ago as it would have focused my marketing strategy in the early days of the business. It probably would have saved me time and money. But now I am a guru (well going in a better direction now at least). My mind had been racing with marketing ideas for weeks afterwards.

Oliver Fisher
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David is a very good presenter - clearly highly knowledgeable, he has an easy-going, professional manner, which makes him entertaining and pleasant to listen to.

Steven Bruce
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Great working with Jamie from EXELA to show me the way in Infusionsoft. Also more personalised questions and links to other resources was available. Best way to start my Infusionsoft journey, thanks!

Arwin Baauw
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I came on the course thinking confusion-soft, left it thinking I can do this!

David was a good Tutor, very knowledgeable of the infusionsoft as you would expect, but also good at giving advice on how to use with whatever business you are in.

I have left with lots of idea's and can't wait to see my business grow using Infusionsoft.

Chris Cheeney

The Lifecycle Marketing Workshop was really helpful in focusing the mind. It would be easy to just start broadcasting emails and web forms etc through InfusionSoft, but this course forces you to stop and think about who you are targeting in a very specific way. It makes you start at the beginning rather than in the middle! I think it will be very useful long-term.

Victoria Lyall
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The Exela Lifecycle Marketing Workshop proved invaluable in helping me clarify exactly how I need to structure the marketing and sales funnel for a new business line — and not just in terms of how I should configure Infusionsoft.

David is a highly skilled presenter with an accessible and engaging style. He challenges you to think hard about all your business goals and objectives, not just those you're using Infusionsoft to address.

Highly recommended.

Eugenie Verney

The EXELA Training Philosophy

This might sound obvious, but many trainers and coaches miss it!  The key to getting value from Infusionsoft is all within the usage.  If you use the software you will get value from it.  The incremental value is not in how much of the software you use but in the value you get from the parts of the software you use.


EXELA focuses on training you to put the software to use quickly.


We have figured out, based on analysing hundreds of clients results what the key “things” are that you should put into use.


If you are using Infusionsoft and you would like to know the results of our extensive research into what aspects of the software is used by businesses getting the most value, quickest click here.


If you are not currently using Infusionsoft and you really want to know what Infusionsoft is and how it helps businesses, you can get an instant demonstration here.


A new way for you to analyze and evaluate your small business.

The Small Business Sales and Marketing Scorecard is a tool that evaluates your marketing methods, social media efforts and sales techniques. It will analyze the key areas of your website and provide a report that will help identify gaps in your sales and marketing efforts. Based on your score, we’ll point you toward (free) resources specific to your needs.


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