25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate

In this guide, you’ll learn about 25 things every small business should—and can—automate. Here are the 25 things this guide will cover:

1.Respond immediately to an email contact request.

3. Always win at phone tag.

5. Capture leads by offering free content.

7. Focus on your hottest leads.

9. Welcome a new customer.

11. Remind a customer about an abandoned shopping cart.

13. Make it easy for customers to ask for help.

15. Gauge customer satisfaction.

17.Clean up your email list.

19.Remember every customer’s birthday.

21. Automate the event registration process.

23. Make routine tasks more efficient.

25.Collect job applications.

2. Assign inbound leads to a sales representative.

4. Follow up with new networking connections.

6. Set a framework for your sales pipeline.

8. Stay engaged with prospects who aren’t ready to buy—yet.

10. Generate repeat business.

12.Stay on top of failed billing charges.

14. Send appointment reminders.

16. Ask customers for referrals.

18. Retrieve lost passwords.

20. Gain social media followers.

22. Promote Facebook events.

24. Send and receive important documents.

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