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Making a splash!

Silvia and Miguel are a young and dynamic couple originally from Spain, who passionately love what they do and came together in 2012 to start the International Swimming Academy in London.

They both have long histories with swimming and started in the water from an early age – Miguel at the age of 6 was diagnosed with a rare back and skin conditions and used to go to the sea with his father, following advice from his doctor, that not only would this help with the healing of his illness but would also act as a distraction from it. Miguel became fascinated by the water that eventually cured him. Silvia at the age of four had a passion for the water slides close to her home in Madrid, and a dislike for the overcrowded and somewhat daunting swimming lessons that she attended, these lessons didn’t put her off her love of water, far from it, they only encouraged her to find a better way for others to learn how to swim....

Silvia and Miguel
International Swimming Academy

EXELA Infusionsoft training was a practical and thorough process which enabled us to jump-start quickly and efficiently in to reaping benefit from Infusionsoft. The key for us is that now we are able to track our customers clearly, and automate delivery of our content accordingly.

Joan Muni Lucas
Body Transformation Academy

We love the fact that EXELA continue to take an interest in our business story as it unfolds - long after completing our Infusionsoft training with them. Similar to EXELA, customer service and care is really important to us—in fact our first automated campaign in Infusionsoft is based on interacting with our clients to ask them “how are you?”

Learning a new system can be challenging, but with EXELA we received informative, straightforward coaching that enabled us to progress forward confidently.

Elaine Porter
Start Software

Taking my Infusionsoft coaching with EXELA enabled me to learn quickly what at first sight seemed to be a huge and somewhat daunting piece of software. What I appreciated was the helpful and easy manner of the coach in my 1:1 training who made me comfortable straight away, was very approachable, informative and helpful. The ongoing support from EXELA after my training has been remarkable and much appreciated. I look forward to a long term relationship with EXELA.

Derek Chalmers
Chow Productions

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Customer Reviews 

Ben Lyons 

"The training I have received from David Holland and the Exela team has been exemplary. We have noticed a sharp increase in sales generated over the last few months we have been using InfusionSoft"

Gordan Bosnjak

"Excellent training provided by Exela, my team really enjoyed it!"

Kelly Oyebola

"What can I say that hasn't been said already? David is extremely talented and knows his field very well....I would highly recommend his company....."

Brynley Little 

"Their step by step approach to unlocking the power and potential of Infusionsoft is fantastic. I'm looking forward to working with EXELA and watching by business grow as a result. Highly recommended."