Accelerated Learning

At EXELA we have developed a very involved approach to your success.  From the moment you start speaking with the team you get a coach on your side, working with you and guiding you through the technical aspects of your project.


Structured content available when you want it.  Videos, presentations and guided discussions.  Plus unlimited email support


Learn with others at training centre in Cheltenham.  Instructor led tutorials focus on help specific roles within your organisation.


Work with your coach to set up your software and learn how to get the best from it.  Book a screen share session at a time that suits you.

Action Plans will change your business!

Having a clear micro-project to work on will not only accelerate your learning but will dramatically accelerate you business results.  They start with an assessment of what you wish to achieve and where you are now.  Do this with a coach today!

You Coach will develop and plan with you and then between you you execute the plan and optimise the results.


We are here to help...

​If you have a problem or question and need to discuss it with an expert all you need to do!

You will get a response within a couple of hours (often in minutes) that will either:

  1. Tell you the answer
  2. Provide you with a link to book a screen share session during which you can work with a coach to resolve you problem.​


If learning technology leaves you cold and you have no intention of DIY, why not let expert do it for you?

The expert team at EXELA will work with you to develop a strategic Action Plan, and then execute it for you.  Your coach will set up your application and link it to your website(s) and lead capture pages.  Your coach will build out campaigns for you and monitor their performance.  They will administer the CRM and keep you updated of progress.

If you need a membership site, your coach will build it in the best technology for its purpose.  Your assigned coach will then administer the membership, resolving customer service issues along the way. ​