All Your Carpet Cleaning Marketing Done For You, Without You Lifting A Finger.

Read on to discover how you can get EIGHT proven marketing campaigns transplanted into your carpet cleaning business, and start getting and keeping more customers, without you doing a single thing…

If you’re a carpet cleaner, and you’d like a steady flow of enquiries flowing into your business, without you having to do any marketing, learn how to use any software, or do anything other than just complete the work when it comes in, you’re in the right place.

How is this possible?

At EXELA, we’re best at building effective, automated marketing campaigns that can run on autopilot, with you having to do anything.

And the net result is that – once this machine is built - you can just sit back and wait for enquiries to come in.  No cold calling.  No complex marketing to learn.  Nothing.

How does this Machine work?

We’ve done extensive research and testing with our existing carpet cleaner clients, and worked out what the best performing marketing campaigns are for your industry.

Each of those campaigns has then been compiled into one package – a one-stop shop for carpet cleaners that want more customers and less stress.

The “Carpet Cleaning Marketing Machine” includes EIGHT separate marketing campaigns which we’ll build into your business for you, so they work to communicate with your prospects and customers, without any input from you.

Once we’ve built your machine, we’ll fill it with your prospect and customer data, so everyone that you’ve already connected with is communicated with at exactly the right time, when they’re most likely to buy.

In addition, one of the campaigns is all about generating completely brand new leads, so if you run Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you can just direct your traffic towards that campaign, and it’ll nurture them, engage them and encourage them to become a customer.

Carpet Cleaning Marketing Machine:

Sound good so far?  Well read on, and I’ll explain exactly “what you get” with Carpet Cleaning Marketing Machine:

#1 Special report download and landing page (worth £600)

Building a database of potential customers is step one when it comes to successful marketing, and this ‘special report’ campaign is designed to help you do exactly that.

Our professionally written special report is a download that your prospects will get in exchange for their contact information, and once they’ve given us that, they make their way into the machine, where they’ll be nurtured and encouraged to request a quote.

Technically, this needs a landing page and an opt in form as well as the special report, and we’ll build all of this in for you.

#2 Get a quote process (worth £525)

Getting a quote is a fantastic way to attract new prospects, and with the ‘Get a quote’ campaign, you can get in front of prospects who are looking you up online, get their email address and an idea of what they want to buy, and then follow up with them, all on autopilot.

#3 Mini nurture series (worth £400)

Once a prospect is in your database, it’s vital you continue to communicate with them, remind them of the benefits of your product and encourage them to take the next step towards buying from you.

The mini nurture series campaign provides your prospects with valuable content via some educational emails and two in-depth articles – these serve to educate and inform your audience, bringing them closer to a buying decision.

This is all distributed automatically, with no involvement from you.

#4 Monthly long-term nurture campaign (worth £300)

When you become the ‘go to’ carpet cleaner in your prospect’s mind, everything becomes so much easier, and that’s exactly what the monthly long-term nurture campaign is there to achieve.

With constant reminders that you exist and that you’re an expert in what you do, you can generate more quotes and sales, and once again, these campaigns go out without any involvement on your part.

#5 Customer satisfaction check-in (worth £150)

Once you secure a customer for the first time, the goal needs to be ensuring that that customer never goes anywhere else for their carpet cleaning.

That starts with a customer satisfaction check-in, to make certain that they valued your service.  This also gives you the chance to solicit further work and referrals.

#6 Anniversary campaign, years 1-5 (worth £300)

The reality is that the reason most carpet cleaners don’t get as much repeat work as they’d like is because they just don’t ask for it, because it slips their mind or they simply don’t have time.

The anniversary campaign solves this, by going out to past customers at regular, annual intervals and making them an offer to come back and use you again.

#7 Seasonal campaigns - Spring clean & Christmas Clean (worth £450)

Spring is a great time to encourage your prospects and customers to get their carpets cleaned, but most carpet cleaners simply don’t have the time to get that sort of campaign out there.

With the Carpet Cleaning Marketing Machine, an automatic campaign will go out every spring, compelling customers to book in for a clean.

It’s the same deal at Christmas – with family and friends visiting, you’re pretty much guaranteed a houseful, so your prospects and customers will definitely want to ensure that their home is spick and span. This campaign reaches out to them and gets encourages them to book in a clean before the festive period begins.

#8 Deep clean your offices (worth £350)

Each quarter, the Machine will send automated reminders to each of your commercial customers, reminding them to get their carpets cleaned.

These will keep you front of mind with your prospects and previous customers, ensuring that they think of you when it’s time to buy,

So that’s that – pretty much all the marketing a carpet cleaner ever needs to do, from the original generation of a lead, through to the first purchase and beyond, all done for you.

As you can see, each of these campaigns has a monetary value attached to them.

This value is what we would charge clients who wanted these campaigns built from scratch.

When you add up the value of each of these eight campaigns, you come to a figure of £3,075.

Now, I know this isn’t exactly chump change, but when you think about it, even with that significant cost, it’s still a very good deal.

After all, what would you pay to have ALL of your marketing taken care of, effectively forever, ensuring that you get more customers and get more repeat business?

Rather than more than £3,075.

But here’s the great news, the Carpet Cleaning Marketing Machine isn’t going to cost you that.  Not even close.

As long as you take action in timely fashion, before Midnight on Friday 13th August, you can get ALL of the above campaigns, written and built into your business, so they work without any involvement from you, for just £500 + VAT, a HUGE discount of £2,575.

When you consider the lifetime value of just ONE of your clients, then it’s fair to say that if this marketing machine delivers you just one more customer, then it’d be money well spent, and the reality is that given the sheer depth of automated marketing that’ll be going on, it’s unthinkable that you won’t quickly and easily recoup your investment.

Aside from your £500 one-off investment, the cost of the Machine is just £99 per month for up to 500 contacts – that’s all you’ll need to invest to keep your marketing machine running day after day after day, while you get on with running your business.

“How does my machine get built?”

You may well be wondering how we’re going to build all of this into your business. 

We use Keap - automated marketing software - to build all eight marketing campaigns into your business, with professionally written emails that reflect your business.

It’s highly sophisticated software, that works on autopilot, so it’s perfect for projects like this.;

The best bit is that there’s very little requirement for you to understand or get your head around the software – once it’s all built in then it’ll just work in the background, with no involvement from you.

So, what do you say: are you ready to secure £3,075 worth of world class marketing, for just £500 + VAT, and get all your marketing done for you in the background with our world class Carpet Cleaning Marketing Machine?

If so, that’s great, but before you click that button, let me tell you why this isn’t an offer you should dilly-dally on.


If you’re quick, you can secure two additional bonuses worth £300, in addition to your £2,575 saving – you’ll need to take action before Midnight on Friday 13th August to secure these:

BONUS #1 – Review Collection Campaign (worth £75)

Reviews are becoming hugely important in the 21st century, and a key part of purchasing decisions.

But again, finding time to ask for reviews is hard, which is why you can secure a Review Collection Campaign absolutely FREE, just by taking action by Friday 13th August.

BONUS #2 – LinkedIn Page Optimisation (worth £75)

If commercial’s your thing, then LinkedIn has to form a key part of your strategy.  We know what it takes to create a LinkedIn page that appeals to corporate clients, and we’ll do this for you, for free, when you take action before Friday 13th August.

It’s Decision Time

There’s not much more to say: either you want this or you don’t.

I’m guessing you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have read down this far…

The truth is that when you secure the Carpet Cleaning Marketing Machine, you’re taking a very sensible step to get more marketing happening in your business without having to do any of it yourself.

In short, it’s like having your very own high level marketing manager, pulling the strings, without the substantial cost that that would bring.

Quite simply, the Carpet Cleaning Marketing Machine is the best way to get marketing done in your business, allowing you to bring in more leads and sales and reap the benefits in your life, with more revenue, and more profits that can be spend on doing the things you love with the people you love.

If you agree, then there’s only one thing left to do – click the button now to get started.

Remember, to get your £2,575 discount, you’ll need to have taken action by Midnight on Friday 13th August, and to secure your two additional bonuses worth £150, you need to click the button and get started by Midnight on Friday 13th August.

Carpet Cleaning Marketing Machine

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