Bring More Clients to Your Accounting Firm with Infusionsoft

You are looking for clients who stay and refer you to their colleagues. These clients are also ideal for retention.

What you are looking to do is build a solid referral network where people can refer their friends and colleagues to your firm. Eight in ten people trust word-of-mouth referrals compared to any other marketing form and it’s the best way to bring clients faster to your door. The lifecycle of referral marketing shortens the time needed to promote and nurture prospects.

With the right cloud computing tool, building your firm’s referral program becomes easier and simpler.

But first off, make sure you are worth referring. People are only willing to spread the word, when it is worth it. How are you doing so far when it comes to client satisfaction? It is imperative that you can deliver your promises to your clients. Your firm should be able to add value to their organisation.

Infusionsoft is a cloud computing tool that lets you create effective referral programs. Processes are automated so you don’t have to keep track of information individually. When you create your referral program with Infusionsoft, everything is organised in a cloud database so information is securely accessible wherever there is Internet. Technically, you ease the burden of manual routines.

Since Infusionsoft also has a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, nurturing referrals and new leads is simplified and automated. This means that important lead nurturing stages such as welcoming new clients, giving rewards to referrers and keeping track of client’s activities are automated. Appointments, follow-ups and project management are also simplified when you use Infusionsoft.

With a cloud computing tool like Infusionsoft, you take care of each and every client at all levels. Whether they are a prospect, a returning client, or a fresh client from your referral program, they are given the exact attention needed.

Through Infusionsoft, you can grow your client base as you save time on marketing your services. You can keep track of everything so no opportunity slips away. You become more effective while more and more organisations trust you with their accounting matters.

Work smarter but not harder. About time you make use of cloud computing to bring more clients to your firm.