January 9


Case Study: Contact Lists

By Georgia Davis

January 9, 2020

Case Study: Contact Lists with Success Insider


Tim Han, owner of Success Insider, provides education for people who refuse to settle for being average or mediocre. The company supplies both personal and business development and education to excel high achievers, entrepreneurs & CEOs to enable them to achieve their full potential.


Using social media and youtube as a main driving forces of marketing, Tim was managing to reach a lot of potential customers quickly. As his company grew, so did the number of leads. This resulted in receiving a large amount of contact details for potential customers, with no way of of determining who were solid leads, and who were just taking up space. Essentially, Tim's contact list needed a good clean. 


In order to combat this problem, we decided to put together an engagement strategy that
automatically sent out communication to unengaged contacts to re-engage them and give
them a reason to stay on the database.


We built a system that automatically flags when a client has become what the system refers
to as “unengaged marketable” – this is what happens when Infusionsoft discovers that
the contact isn’t engaging with anything sent to them.

The system sends a series of emails, asking the contact to click a button to state they wanted to stay on Tims list. If they don’t engage with those emails and opt in to stay, they’re automatically flagged for removal from the database.


Success Insider now has a strong hygiene system, ensuring that unengaged contacts
are eventually removed, which will improve their deliverability and overall sender reputation.

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