Classic UI – Leading Scoring

How Classic UI - Lead Scoring Works

Lead scoring, currently, only exists within the Classic UI. The concept behind it is simple, to indicate which of your contacts are interacting with you the most and are therefore more likely to be a good lead for sales to chase.

There are several stages to setting up your lead scoring in the system.

  1. Determine how many points will equal 5 flames (the default is 3 points)
  2. Determine if there are any tags that will give people points and how many
  3. Determine if there are any activities that will give people points and how many

You can additionally give points an expiration time, this is done is weeks (or set to never so the points are kept permanently on the contact), so after the time period you set these points are removed.

No two companies systems will be the same. This will be influenced by how easy you want people to reach 5 flames, how many emails you are sending out and (if applicable) how many marketing ads you have that are attached to an Infusionsoft landing page.

To set-up lead scoring, head to CRM Settings and then on the left hand side choose scores. As a starting point EXELA recommend the following:

Number of points for 5 flames: 50

Number of points the tag that indicates someone is a current client: 10

Number of points for an email open: 10 with an expiry of: 2 weeks

Number of points for a link click: 12 with an expiry of: 2 weeks

Number of points for a web form submission: 13 with an expiry of: 2 weeks

This means that you system is updating over a two week window, so for example, an email opened over a month ago would not affect a persons’ points score. Also if someone opens the same email multiple times, they only get one set of points.

Issues to be aware of:

The New Landing Page builder does not trigger the web form submission points. For this to work, create a unique tag for each landing page, assigned to be applied automatically by the page and give it the same points and expiry as a webform submission.

Internal forms do trigger the points of a web form submission.

When you create a new tag, it takes a period of time for it to appear in the scoring system for you to be able to assign points to.

When you change your scoring system, all contacts will be re-evaluated, if you have sent a lot of emails over your expiry period of time, then it will be a large process, and will take time, we suggest that you do this at the end of the day and start re-using the scoring system at the start of the following day.