He also has amazing ideas

David is great at finding out what your needs are then finding solutions within Infusionsoft to suit your needs. He was always quick to respond as well whenever I had to email him a question. He also has amazing ideas which helped my sales process immensely. My closing ratio before I met David was about 33%. After implementing a webform 1 and 2 process, it helped me qualify my leads much better, saved me time, and helped me close at a much better rate. I am now closing close to 50% of my leads with this new process David implemented. The other thing David has helped me with is automation. I can now through opportunity management sell my clients through the different stages. This is also helping my closing percentages. But just importantly its saving me TONS of time, which is my most valuable commodity. My goal is to have the greatest, most efficient, technologically advanced sales machine in the industry and I look forward to having David help me achieve that goal.

Brian Young Painter

Great Insights!

The insights provided by David at EXELA gave me exactly what I needed - an understanding of what Infusionsoft™ can do, and how to make a start and what my likely return would be.

Amanda Holges Consultant at Holges Consulting

"Why do I learn from Infusionsoft? Because it turns my pages and pages of notes and idea into an actual campaign that works."

Hi there. Grant here from Sandler training in Oxfordshire.

Why do I learn from Infusionsoft? Because it turns my pages and pages of notes and idea into an actual campaign that works.

I can get all the information I need to get out to potential clients, existing clients, and also people that just want more information. They can get our newsletters, and get our invitations, and they can get everything that I want to get out, it's simple. I don't have to worry about chasing people up, I don't even have to worry about having sent out on set days. The software does it for me. I just want to say thank you David.

Thank you Infusionsoft for making my job and my time here at work so much more enjoyable and so much more easier. Thanks.

Grant Tebb TRAINER, Sandler Training

Within a month, we were able to deploy all the features of the platform

Hello, my name is Alejandro Feiges, I'm one of the Global Directors of the International Coaching Community and we really appreciate EXELA help in order to implement Infusionsoft in our organisation.

Within a month, we were able to deploy all the features of the platform and really start seeing the changes that Infusionsoft is causing in our organisation. So we are really happy with the process, the consultancy was really focused on what we want, what we needed and we were helped and the consultant was always listening our needs and providing the best solution in hand in order to make the most of the platform.

So for sure, we are really contacting again EXELA in order to implement further features of Infusionsoft or expanding our knowledge on the platform in that sense. So we appreciate and give our big thanks to EXELA team and we be in touch. Thanks

Alejandro Feiges GLOBAL DIRECTOR, International Coaching Community

"fantastic range of courses...they really do know their stuff."

Hi there. My name's Brynley Little from Property Developers Academy, and I've recently attended some of Exceller's great training courses on Infusionsoft.

I've been on there getting started training, and also have attended lifestyle marketing recently with David. I must say, its fantastic range of courses that they do offer and assistance. If you're looking to take your business to the next level with Infusion Soft, then I really would recommend connecting with EXELA , as they really do know their stuff. I think, from my point of view, Infusion Soft can be overwhelming, I think with how powerful it is.

But, David and his team put it across in a step by step way, make it really to understand, and I'm really looking forward to my business growing as a result of it, and looking forward to dealing with David and his team ongoing in the future.

Brynley Little FOUNDER, Property Developers Academy

We've started to build my first campaign, it was an absolute breeze because of what I had learned.

Hello, my name is Mark Hammond. I run a marquee high business, specializing in small marquees for going back garden.

I've been using EXELA as my preferred infusion partner since February now. I've been extremely pleased with them. It's my first time using Infusion Soft, and the team at EXELA made sure I was well equipped right from the start.

The trainer I got early on gave me a real good head start. Gave me a feeling that I wanted to jump in as soon as I left the classroom. The training that David and EXELA gave me was well worth it, and when we've started to build my first campaign, it was an absolute breeze because of what I had learned. The training team had totally patience with us Infusion newbies, and sent us on our way. Now, using Infusionsoft is dead simple. I can even call EXELA if I have a minor issues, and having trouble with, and they'll help me resolve it.

Would I recommend David and EXELA to my friends and colleagues? Yes, of course. I still do, and I've probably recommended about half a dozen people to them already. The return on investment with Infusion and EXELA's training is far too great to turn down, and Infusion soft is a very large cog running my business. Without EXELA , my business wouldn't have grown anywhere near as much as it has done this year, so a big, big thank you to David and the team at EXELA for being a part of that.

Mark Hammond OWNER, Marquee Hire Business Safety Solutions

"It really helped me understand Infusionsoft and how it can help my business."

Hi, my name is Chris from CDC Accounting Limited, and today I just wanted to send a video testimonial for David Holland and all the guys over at EXELA. I've known David for about a year now, and 12 months ago I went on some Infusionsoft training, very informative days.

Actually been on four or five days training since.

It really helped me understand Infusionsoft and how it can help my business. I've also used their support team. I had a particular issue with what I was doing with the campaign, sent an email off to their support team. Within minutes somebody had arranged a call. Later that day we had that call and solved the issue. Fantastic service.

I've also been quite recently to an event that they put on for full business owners. It wasn't a how to use Infusionsoft or how to sell Infusionsoft day. It was a how to make your business better day, networking with other businesses, with other uses, and it was really informative, really great day.

Thanks again to David and your team for putting that on. We love Infusionsoft and we'd recommend it to anybody, and EXELA. Cheers.

Chris Cheeney DIRECTOR, CDC Accounting Ltd.

"I was using mailchimp at the time, but wanted something more powerful."

Hi, I'm Andy Brown of Artisan Interiors. I first came in touch with EXELA, through Entrepreneur Circle of which they're a trusted supplier. It was at one of the EC events, EXELA introduced me to Infusion Soft. I had a little chat with Keith on the stand there, and he told me about the killer deal they had on at the time. I signed up, and haven't looked back since.

I was using mailchimp at the time, but wanted something more powerful. It just wasn't doing what I wanted it to do. Yes, so since signing up to Infusion Soft, have not looked back. Not only do EXELA put you in touch with the best deal, they offer some amazing training packages.

Keith was fantastic, got me set up, did my first initial training call, and yeah. Away I went. The rest is history. I'm now an Infusion Soft ninja thanks to EXELA.

Can't recommend them enough. Give them a call. They've got some great deals.

Andy Brown MANAGING DIRECTOR, Artisan Interiors Ltd.

"We are now able to “multi-task” in all areas."

Infusionsoft has transformed how we function with our business.

We are now able to “multi-task” in all areas. Having the ability to really focus on our customers and prospects and funnel them in a way that we couldn’t before, making sure they receive only the information of interest to them.

The EXELA training has been invaluable to us. Working through key modules laid out by our coach enabled us to fully understand how we could best leverage implementing the key tasks quickly and efficiently. We have received ongoing support and interest from EXELA, it’s great knowing that they really want us to succeed and will keep in touch with us regularly, checking on our continued progress.

Vicky Crosby OWNER/DIRECTOR, Crosby & Perrin Business Solutions

"We received informative, straightforward coaching..."

We love the fact that EXELA continue to take an interest in our business story as it unfolds - long after completing our Infusionsoft training with them. Similar to EXELA, customer service and care is really important to us—in fact our first automated campaign in Infusionsoft is based on interacting with our clients to ask them “how are you?”

Learning a new system can be challenging, but with EXELA we received informative, straightforward coaching that enabled us to progress forward confidently.

Elaine Porter Director, Start Software

"A practical and thorough process"

EXELA Infusionsoft training was a practical and thorough process which enabled us to jump-start quickly and efficiently in to reaping benefit from Infusionsoft. The key for us is that now we are able to track our customers clearly, and automate delivery of our content accordingly.

Joan Muni Lucas CFO and COO, Body Transformation Academy

"...were able to bring back everything we had learned and share it with our team."

We undertook the EXELA training in Infusionsoft and were able to bring back everything we had learned and share it with our team.

What is great about this kind of learning is the flexibility. Given the nature of our business where we work in a very hands-on-way, working with EXELA allowed us to incorporate this same method into building what we needed from Infusionsoft—we took away with us a clear and full understanding which we could then implement.

Matt Joyner

we're also able to much better manage our internal workflow

Good afternoon. Jonathan here, from AgentCentric, and this is just a quick video testimonial in support of David Holland and his fantastic team there at EXELA Cheltenham.
We came on board with Infusionsoft a few months ago and I have to say that from point one through all the various training sessions and also the one-to-one coaching with people like Jamie, have just been invaluable. Our own business has been growing rapidly since, but it's also helped, in a huge way, our internal management.

As well as automatic lots, the stuff that had previously taken us an absolute age to do, we're also able to much better manage our internal workflow and staff by using the Infusionsoft features such as tasks, and such like. But yeah, I couldn't recommend Infusionsoft and the support that comes with it through EXELA high enough. I would give it a go, so do have a look.Get in touch with Dave and the guys on his team, as they're absolutely fantastic. Very open, very warm, and more than happy to help.Cheers for now, and have a great afternoon. Bye.

Jonathan Harris Marketing Manager, AgentCentric