Cloud Computing for Your Business Advisory Firm

Unless you’ve been hiding under rock, you wouldn’t have a clue what cloud computing is. But as an accounting firm that has built some reputation in the industry, we can tell you quite a bit to leave you knowing a lot about cloud technology. Perhaps your firm has been using one, two or more of these innovations.

As you shift focus by turning your firm into an advisory business, your goal is to give more value for money to your clients. Your firm is involved in the overall picture of a client’s success (or failure). You have to deliver results as promised and be the best advisor there is. Being a friend and a sounding board, you relieve their financial and administrative worries by realistically assessing the entirety of their business’ current state and how their finances affect their operations.

Cloud computing tool like Infusionsoft revolutionizes the way your firm works. By using cloud technologies, your team will have faster access to business intelligence which are necessary to your client’s specific need.

Beyond payroll, inventories and data,  you need to continuously market your new breed of advisory services. Infusionsoft is utilised by successful accounting firms to do lead generation, marketing, automate follow-up and ensure data accuracy. This cloud computing tool’s core function is to automate and simplify processes to increase productivity and ease the hassles of manual work.

It can also be integrated with accounting software like Quickbooks or Xero so everything is centralized in one place. As it is also built with intelligent API, integration with other third-party software can be done in a quick set up.

Your advisory team needs broader understanding of the key performance indicators and metrics to deeply analyse profit and cashflow impact to your clients. As advisors, you need to guide clients to understand how they can manage their cashflow more proactively. Infusionsoft lets you do these. Your team is more efficient when you have real-time access to data. Through this software, processes are automated yet highly targeted so flows are integral and more efficient for each team member.

Infusionsoft is a top choice among accounting firms for its all-in-one capacities when it comes to marketing, customer relationship management, data management and e-mail system . Through the use of cloud computing toosl like Infusionsoft, important metrics are tracked on a dashboard and key performance indicators are automatically available for analysis making it easier for you to execute data-driven strategies for clients.