Cloud Computing Can Help You Guarantee Your Success on Your Shift from Compliance to Advisory

So, you are ready to take your compliance firm up a notch to the advisory ladder? It’s a good thing to keep up with the demands in your industry. Not everyone has decided to take this transition as that could mean bigger responsibilities and new challenges but the benefits of changing focus from the compliance to advisory offers endless growth for an accounting firm.

Businesses want their providers to give them insights and advice on how their finances affect the overall picture of their organisations. They’re more than willing to pay higher if the provider can help them improve their operations, managements and finances. An advisory sector on your firm attracts more high-paying clients.

Becoming advisors also portrays your industry expertise. With this, you can showcase your capabilities beyond what you can do with compliance. By building effective service products, you outshine your competition while you showcase your expertise.

The higher demands on this shift of focus calls for a powerful cloud partner to help you simplify your processes and your routines. Infusionsoft is an everything-in-one computing software trusted by hundreds of accounting firms around the world to simplify their administrative, marketing and client relationship management.

Save enormous amounts of time

Email is without a doubt a big time-consumer. Infusionsoft’s email marketing system lets you be more efficient with your time spent on emails without having to ditch them. Infusionsoft’s email system allows you to automatically send out responses soon as an action is triggered.

This cloud tool also has a Customer Relationship Management capacity which lets you improve the way you manage your contacts. Here is where you can stay organized with leads, prospects, payments and other key functions to effective contact management. And again, most of these functions are automated.

Your transition from compliance to advisory may demand more people to join the team. With Infusionsoft, you can also automate the hiring processes such as filling of forms, aptitude tests, responding to enquiries, among others.

Infusionsoft also have data-capturing capacities that allow you to instantly capture data and place it to your secure database. For example, when a new lead is captured from your marketing campaign, information of that lead is then gathered to the database and sorted out into categories.

Hyper-targeted automation

Inside Infusionsoft, there is a drag and drop campaign builder that is connected to its customer relationship management system so you can have your full records integrated with campaigns. Campaigns and follow-ups are based on clients behaviour so you are actually sending out messages that resonate to an individual’s activity with your firm.

An example scenario is when a fresh prospect is on-board and a highly targeted, personalised welcome email with introduction to the advisory services is then automatically sent out. Essentially, with Infusionsoft, client interactions are centralised under one roof so they’re easy to organise and use for creating better campaigns.

Client satisfaction and retention

Inside Infusionsoft are sophisticated analytics, simplified reporting dashboards and powerful metrics that you can use as tools to help you understand more of your client’s needs. You can also use these functionalities to measure the efficiency of your shift from compliance to advisory. These functionalities are essential to ensuring client satisfaction and give better retention rates.

Those features help you define strategies and objectives specific to your client’s needs. Put simply, with Infusionsoft, you get a 360-degree view of what’s going on and from there, you can do analysis and create forecasting essential for growth and risk prevention so you can be more effective with your new breed of advisory services.  

Bring more clients, faster

In order to stay sustainably successful in your shift from compliance to advisory, you have to bring more clients to your firm.

The promise of Infusionsoft is for you to get more focused on your firm’s new venture and quickly turn prospects into clients. With Infusionsoft, you harness the power of cloud computing like never before. You can get clients faster through:

  • Automated marketing campaigns
  • Promoting to your current email list
  • Introducing a new breed of services to existing clients; and,
  • Building a referral program

But just like any other “power” Infusionsoft has its own downside . . .

Infusionsoft is made of a vast ecosystem of functionalities built for administrative efficiency, effective marketing and highly-engaging and personalised automation.

If you want to captivate this innovation’s outstanding capacities for your firm, you can hire a qualified Infusionsoft consultant who can guide you all the way to mastering this tool in no time. An Infusionsoft consultant will not only help you understand how this technology works but also tailor your solutions according to the specifics of your firm’s needs.

Overall, Infusionsoft is a must-have if you want to succeed on your transition. Not only that it allows you to build data-driven decision for your clients and your firm, but it also simplifies everything for you and your team. Because of its versatility, you don’t need multiple software to handle the essentials on your shift from compliance to advisory.