October 30


Converting lost leads

By Georgia Davis

October 30, 2019

Converting Lost Leads


Quiver Management is a coaching organisations that provides executive and business coaching for senior leaders, leadership development and coaches.

The Quiver management team, with Jan Bowen-Neisen, the companies head, on the far right


Jan and the guys and girls at Quiver Management have a great lead generation strategy, with a steady stream of prospects getting in touch with them to express interest.

But here’s the problem: even with the best marketing in the world, not everyone converts immediately, and the big mistake that many businesses make is casting aside the unconverted leads.


Jan and his team understand that prospects are all at different stages in the process, and that someone who doesn’t buy now might well buy in a month’s time.

The objective for us was to ensure that the leads that aren’t converted continue to hear from the business on an automated basis, and given multiple opportunities to engage during the four months after their initial contact.


In order to make this happen, we created a long-term nurture campaign, ensuring that each month the unconverted leads received valuable and engaging content from the business.

In addition to educating and informing the prospects, the content also gave them opportunities to book a call with Jan or to book onto one of his financial courses.

Using Infusionsoft, we built a tracker into the campaign, that indicated when a prospect had engaged with their content, allowing the Quiver sales team to “cherry pick” the most engaged contact sales calls.


Already, we’re seeing results, with a number of contacts booking consultations with Jan and booking courses as a result of this post initial engagement strategy.

And because Jan is already generating the leads, this campaign doesn’t cost anything to run – now it’s set up it’ll run forever, helping Quiver to convert more leads and make more sales.

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