December 31


Creating Kick-Ass Lead Magnets

By Georgia Davis

December 31, 2019

Creating Your Kick-Ass Lead Magnets

What Exactly is a Lead Magnet?

Something that could be regarded the same as currency these days is an email address. Prospects guard their email addresses and don’t like to hand them out to everybody.

So a Lead Magnet is a way, an incentive that gets the details, name and email address at a minimum, of that prospect when they land on a web page. 

It has to be so good, that you would charge money to give to people, but this time, you’re going to give it away in exchange for their details. But it needs to be something related to your businesses.

It’s something that they “Opt-in” for.

7 Secrets Of A Good Lead Magnet

1 – Know Your Customer

For each of our businesses we have at least five or six different “Customer Avatars”. A customer avatar is a description of your customer and their wants and needs and generally what they are like as a person.

For instance, when we were selling Raring2go! franchises our Customer Avatar was called Julie.

She was 35 years old, married with two children, both at school. Her husband was employed. She wants to be a great mum but she’s frustrated because of the demands of her job. She’s capable, with a professional background and she needs to earn a four figure sum each month to contribute to the family finances. The family are in debt and have no savings. This helped us a lot when we were pulling all our advertising and marketing together because everything we did was directed towards “Julie”. It can be really helpful if you articulate your own Customer Avatar.

What Do They Want? What Do They Need?

So for example, for Julie, a good lead magnet would have been “How to be a Great Stay-at-Home Mum and Still Earn a Good Wage: A Complete Guide”.

I know that “Julie” would be interested in this guide and would be likely to give me her details so she could download it.

2 – It Has To Add As Much Value As Possible

Remember what I said about good enough to charge them for? This is what I mean here.

The Lead Magnet that you put together has to give them value. Lots of value.

You’re going to promise that they get lots of value right up to that moment that they enter their highly protected email address. If they then receive something that is crappy and has no value at all – they will feel duped and any credibility you had would disappear and they won’t buy from you.

So, if you do give lots of value, you will be positioning yourself as an expert in your field and already you’ve helped them. This makes it easier to convert them down the line.

3 – For FREE? Really? I Want That

This ties into the point above. This is what you want your prospect to be saying in their heads when they are reading your Lead Magnet offer.

“For FREE? Really? I Want That”

You won’t be able to hold them back from putting their details in.

4 - Be Ready To Work Hard

This isn’t something you’ll be able to knock up in half an hour.

You’re going to probably have to do some research and do this properly. Remember, this is positioning for you and you HAVE to give value.

Maybe you’ve got something already you can use? You’ve written a book or recorded a video series?

5 - Do Not Lie Or Set False Expectations

This will affect your credibility again. If you have made your lead magnet “How to Get a Girlfriend with One chat Up Line: Guaranteed” and they download your lead magnet and it just says:

Say this to every woman you meet – “You must be tired, you’ve been running through my mind all night” and you’ll never be single again.

When they try this and it obviously doesn’t work, you’ve just set a false expectation and your credibility has just disappeared.

6 – Is This Really The Best Possible Idea?

You need to ask yourself this once you’ve got your idea written down.

If this really the best possible idea? Could you offer something even better than this? Could you offer even more value through something else?

If so, do it.

7 – Temporary Solutions Have The Ability To Become Permanent

You know what I mean here. You put something in place and say “That’ll do for now, I’ll change it later when I have time” and then ten years down the line…it’s still there. Temporary solutions have the annoying ability to become permanent.

Don’t settle for a mediocre lead magnet.

Building Your Lead Magnet


This is without a doubt the MOST important thing you will write. It needs to fascinate the reader so much so that they’ll actually hand over their contact details in order to find out more. If the headline sounds boring, beats around the bush or is too longwinded then it’s not going to be effective.

Here are some examples:

“The Idiot-Proof Guide To Getting More Customers" 

“The ONE Failsafe Way To Increase Value in Your Customers” 

“The Number One Mistake MOST People Make When Choosing a {YourProfession}”

“10 Effective Ways To Reduce Office Expenses”

Once you’ve created an attention-grabbing headline the content should flow naturally. Think, what would capture your attention?


The topic needs to appeal to your target audience so make sure you write for them rather than yourself! Also, lead magnets should always stick to one subject. If you try to fit in lots of different themes, the copy often ends up poorly structured and badly written.


Above all, the lead magnet needs to be interesting to read. Otherwise, what’s the point? Use conversational language and make sure you know what you’re talking about – otherwise, it will really show.


Keep the lead magnet copy tone conversational and light to reveal your great personality. You’re building a relationship with your customer too remember; pressurising language is more likely to steer them away from your business. 

Try and use the words “You” and “Your” four times as many times as you use the words “I, my, we, our, us”. Talk to them, not about yourself.

Structure And Layout

The structure will be similar to a sales letter - headline, intro, body and call to action. There’s no need to complicate things; this simple structure will ensure that your writing flows. Also, your lead magnet needs to look like more than just words on a page. Including your logo and thinking about your layout will make the lead magnet more attractive.

Call To Action

Although your lead magnet is primarily about adding value, you are still trying to attract new business. Therefore, if you can link the magnet specifically to your business AND sneak in a call to action (in a way that won’t aggravate your reader), you’re good to go!


I always like to put images in, they break the lead magnet up and people like pictures. It makes the copy easier to read and you could use some emotive images if needed.


It’s easiest to turn your fantastic lead magnet into a PDF. Get a designer to put it all together nicely for you with everything within it. 

PDF’s are easy to download and your email autoresponder system can send it to prospects when they opt-in or subscribe. 

After Care


When you’ve written your lead magnet you should test if it works or not.

The easiest way to do this is to check it with a group of existing customers. Would they be interested in it? Do they like what their reading? Did they get value from it? Like a customer focus group.

When you get it uploaded online, track how many people actually viewed the page and how many people downloaded it.

Maybe change the headline of the lead magnet and split test which one worked the best.

When You Get The Email Address

So what are you going to do when you’ve got the all-important email addresses?

You need to follow up, follow up and follow up.

Here’s an example of an automated follow up sequence for people who opt-in for a Financial blog.


But, how many times do you need to touch them?

Prospects and leads I mean and certainly not actually touch them physically! But how many times do you have to make contact with prospects before they buy with you?

The very latest stats tell us you have to “touch” a prospect on average 10.8 times before they buy from you. Not sure how you achieve the .8 so let’s round it up to 11.

You need to make contact with them 11 times on average.

You need to write a campaign to convert those prospects into paying customers.

Want help building a lead magnet?

Here at EXELA we help with all your marketing needs, including building lead magnets and implementing them into marketing campaigns. With you or for you. Want our help? Give us a call by hitting the button below. 

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