Easier Transition from Compliance to Advisory with CRM

You are about to challenge the status quo of your own accounting firm.

The shift from compliance to advisory is going to be a bumpy ride for you and your team.

There will be a huge volume of contacts to manage and information and numbers to crunch. Processes have to be shifted, routines need to be reshaped, working culture may need to be remodelled, technologies used should be improved — practically so much is about to change. These changes shouldn’t be handled manually.

This is why you need an innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help you on this transition. A CRM could be your virtual office, minus all the clutter. It can simplify everything in your shift from compliance to advisory. With it, you can automate workflow and reminders for important tasks such as meetings, to-dos, appointments, etc. A lot of daunting tasks can be automated with CRM.

Adding new members to your workforce

You might need new people to join your firm. It’s tough work to find the right fit, let alone the processes involved in seeking the perfect hire.

Many tasks involving the hiring process are time-consuming. A CRM reduces time spent from hunting the potential hire to the screening and even up to the hiring stage. A CRM allows you to do things digitally and kept track of everything without all the bulky paperwork.

Contracts and agreements can be automated. There will also be automated reminders to alert people who will sign and return digital formats of documents.

Centralising data records and management

Relationships are going to be the core strength of your accounting firm as it shifts its focus. A CRM makes it easier to build scalable relationships among your clients and prospective clients. Data records are centralised online and integrated with intelligent functionalities so you automatically nurture clients according to their journey with your company.

You can only juggle one task at a time but a CRM tool makes it possible to multi-task and still be efficient. You can send automated follow-ups, promotions, invitations and even birthday greetings!

Even though you are about to shift focus to advisory, each of your existing clients still need your engagement and a CRM lets you do that efficiently, automatically.  With a CRM, you can keep in touch even with huge number of clients through highly targeted, personalised automated sequences.

Secure cloud database

Data security is a top-priority when it comes to choosing a CRM software for your accounting firm. You are not only looking for an elegantly designed CRM, but you want it to protect your firm and your clients valuable and confidential data.

Infusionsoft is a top-notched Customer Relationship Management cloud computing tool recommended by hundreds of businesses around the world not only for its efficient functionalities but also for its sophisticated security features. Infusionsoft can also be integrated with popular accounting softwares and other cloud applications through intelligent APIs so everything can be centralised in one place.

You should be committed to deliver results.

Overall, a CRM lets you track, manage and build relationships among clients. With it, your firm has transparency so you can see growth, opportunities or resource requirements.

Data is organised in a simplified sense that both you and your clients can easily understand. There are also analytics, metrics and dashboard to access valuable decision-making data for investment strategies.

Although a CRM gives you scalability to improve processes, it all boils down to how your firm will handle this shift from compliance to advisory. You and your team should be committed to deliver results to improve your client’s business. There sure are challenges along the way but with the help of a reliable CRM, you ease the bigger burdens and get to focus your energy and resources to the transition.