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"... actionable ideas that I went on and actually did in my own business."

Hello, my name's Adam and I've done two courses with EXELA.  I was referred to them by Infusionsoft after signing up with them and I've since done the Life Cycle Marketing course, as well as the Infusionsoft start course.

Now, the Infusionsoft start course is for the purpose of tackling Infusionsoft if you're an absolute beginner.  Obviously, which I was.  It lasted a day, and in that time myself and the other class members ended up completely offay with the system. Everybody left happy and I actually had several campaigns ended up working the very next day.

I've not actually needed any help myself, but I'm a member of the Facebook support group, which is brilliant. Everyone's asking questions and they get answered immediately. As mentioned I also did Life Cycle marketing course, which was led by David Holland. I was incredibly impressed with this. If you're a business owner, I would strongly recommend doing it, particularly if you're a start-up. I thought I'd quite a good idea about marketing, but I left after that course looking at it in a completely different light.  David is a very smart bloke and he knows what's he's talking about. He actually came up with lots of ideas that I would ... actionable ideas that I went on and actually did in my own business.

Infusionsoft skills paired with Life Cycle Marketing knowledge is a killer combo. I guarantee you will see returns from it, because I have. It's worth every penny. So, I strongly recommend booking yourself in, if you haven't already. Good luck.

"we're also able to much better manage our internal workflow"

Good afternoon. Jonathan here, from AgentCentric, and this is just a quick video testimonial in support of David Holland and his fantastic team there at EXELA Cheltenham.

We came on board with Infusionsoft a few months ago and I have to say that from point one through all the various training sessions and also the one-to-one coaching with people like Jamie, have just been invaluable. Our own business has been growing rapidly since, but it's also helped, in a huge way, our internal management.

As well as automatic lots, the stuff that had previously taken us an absolute age to do, we're also able to much better manage our internal workflow and staff by using the Infusionsoft features such as tasks, and such like.

But yeah, I couldn't recommend Infusionsoft and the support that comes with it through EXELA high enough. I would give it a go, so do have a look.

Get in touch with Dave and the guys on his team, as they're absolutely fantastic. Very open, very warm, and more than happy to help.

Cheers for now, and have a great afternoon. Bye.

"I was using Mailchimp at the time, but wanted something more powerful."

Hi, I'm Andy Brown of Artizan Interiors. I first came in touch with EXELA, through Entrepreneur Circle of which they're a trusted supplier. It was at one of the EC events, EXELA introduced me to Infusion Soft.

I had a little chat with Keith on the stand there, and he told me about the killer deal they had on at the time. I signed up, and haven't looked back since.

I was using mailchimp at the time, but wanted something more powerful. It just wasn't doing what I wanted it to do. Yes, so since signing up to Infusion Soft, have not looked back. Not only do EXELA put you in touch with the best deal, they offer some amazing training packages.

Keith was fantastic, got me set up, did my first initial training call, and yeah. Away I went. The rest is history. I'm now an Infusion Soft ninja thanks to EXELA.

Can't recommend them enough. Give them a call. They've got some great deals.

"It really helped me understand Infusionsoft and how it can help my business."

Hi, my name is Chris from CDC Accounting Limited, and today I just wanted to send a video testimonial for David Holland and all the guys over at EXELA. I've known David for about a year now, and 12 months ago I went on some Infusionsoft training, very informative days. Actually been on four or five days training since.

It really helped me understand Infusionsoft and how it can help my business. I've also used their support team. I had a particular issue with what I was doing with the campaign, sent an email off to their support team. Within minutes somebody had arranged a call. Later that day we had that call and solved the issue. Fantastic service.

I've also been quite recently to an event that they put on for full business owners. It wasn't a how to use Infusionsoft or how to sell Infusionsoft day. It was a how to make your business better day, networking with other businesses, with other uses, and it was really informative, really great day.

Thanks again to David and your team for putting that on. We love Infusionsoft and we'd recommend it to anybody, and EXELA. Cheers.

"I'm loving it. Looking forward to going onto a new course doing some of the life cycle marketing."

Okay, so hello to David and EXELA and Infusionsoft fans. I've been asked by David to leave a quick video detailing why I love EXELA, which I do, not just saying that and probably why I like Infusionsoft.

So, my name is Michael Joslin, I'm from Marlin Catering Solutions and I suppose I'll take you from the top.

There's lots of CRM systems out there. Some very good, some not so good. Came across Infusionsoft, contacted their offices in the States who put us in touch with EXELA, bought the full package and they have impressed me continually from the start, both Infusionsoft and EXELA, from the setup process and acquiring the system, right the way down to the training. The best way I can describe that is, wanting to get into a new hobby such as fishing, not having a clue how to do it, but going out and buying the best rod, bait, tackle box and all the things that go with it and going to a lake and then wondering why you're not catching any fish. You need someone to show you how to fish, you need someone to show you how to work the equipment that you've purchased and that's something that I think the other CRM systems lack, is that you spend loads and loads of money and you can buy a really good system, but you don't know how to make the most of it, how to access its full potential and if you can't access that full potential, then you're not going to access the full potential of you and your business.

So, I'm Marlin Catering Solutions. Our business rapidly started to grow and we needed a way of keeping track of everything, that's why we decided to get a CRM system. We've since opened another company and then put a group structure in place, so that I can now send via Infusionsoft emails, news broadcasts and things like that, from my group, but target specific customers depending on which company they fall underneath and I can do that really nicely and easily using the tags, which I don't think the other CRM systems have and I don't think without EXELA and the training that I got on my start course, I don't think I would know how to utilise those and I probably would have given up.

The other thing I would definitely recommend if you're going to go with Infusionsoft and you're going to go EXELA, is almost certainly get the data capture through Outlook app, that you can get, so during your course EXELA will show you how to download different attachments and apps, most of which are free. The useful ones are free and they just round off and make your experience of using Infusionsoft a little bit better and the one that I absolutely love is the app that links Infusionsoft direct to your Outlook, so if someone sends me an email I can pull up all their details really, really quickly from within Outlook. I don't even have to go into Infusionsoft. If that person sending me the email is someone that's not known to me, I can then just click on the Infusionsoft sidebar and grab their details, their email address, phone numbers and everything, straight from their email that they've sent me and they're in my CRM system. So, it makes capturing data really easy. It makes using that data really easy and getting the most out of your business by target marketing to your customers, to your potential customers.

So, I'm loving it. Looking forward to going onto a new course doing some of the life cycle marketing as and when I've got time. The good thing and it's a nice problem to have, the good thing about EXELA's training and the Infusionsoft software is, that you will get busier and so as and when I've got the time to go back down to Cheltenham, I'm definitely be going to do the life cycle marketing course and I'm employing a new member of staff. I'm in Essex, he's going to be Taunton, so Cheltenham's really, really local for him. He's going to drive up and he's going to have to do the start course so I can get a bit of help from someone else who can use Infusionsoft in the company, and that's the good thing is that, EXELA can always do the training for as many members of staff or as many users as you've got, so that the whole company can get the use out of the software.

So, anyway, hope that's enough. I'm guessing my name's going to be on this video, so if there's any people that want to ask questions on how I utilise it, then please feel free to send me a direct Facebook message and I'll either put you back in touch with David at EXELA or answer the question myself if I know the answer.

So, good luck and hope everyone's running very successful businesses. If you're not, get Infusionsoft and then you'll probably start. So, see you later, take care, bye bye.

"To build my first campaign, it was an absolute breeze because of what I had learned."

Hello, my name is Mark Hammond. I run a marquee high business, specialising in small marquees for going back garden.

I've been using EXELA as my preferred infusion partner since February now. I've been extremely pleased with them. It's my first time using Infusion Soft, and the team at EXELA made sure I was well equipped right from the start. The trainer I got early on gave me a real good head start. Gave me a feeling that I wanted to jump in as soon as I left the classroom. The training that David and EXELA gave me was well worth it, and when we've started to build my first campaign, it was an absolute breeze because of what I had learned.

The training team had totally patience with us Infusion newbies, and sent us on our way. Now, using Infusion Soft is dead simple.

I can even call EXELA if I have a minor issues, and having trouble with, and they'll help me resolve it.

Would I recommend David and EXELA to my friends and colleagues? Yes, of course. I still do, and I've probably recommended about half a dozen people to them already. The return on investment with Infusion and EXELA's training is far too great to turn down, and Infusion soft is a very large cog running my business.

Without EXELA , my business wouldn't have grown anywhere near as much as it has done this year, so a big, big thank you to David and the team at EXELA for being a part of that.

"fantastic range of courses...they really do know their stuff."

Hi there. My name's Brynley Little from Property Developers Academy, and I've recently attended some of Exceller's great training courses on Infusionsoft.

I've been on there getting started training, and also have attended lifestyle marketing recently with David. I must say, its fantastic range of courses that they do offer and assistance. If you're looking to take your business to the next level with Infusion Soft, then I really would recommend connecting with EXELA , as they really do know their stuff. I think, from my point of view, Infusion Soft can be overwhelming, I think with how powerful it is.

But, David and his team put it across in a step by step way, make it really to understand, and I'm really looking forward to my business growing as a result of it, and looking forward to dealing with David and his team ongoing in the future.

"Within a month, we were able to deploy all the features of the platform."

Hello, my name is Alejandro Feiges, I'm one of the Global Directors of the International Coaching Community and we really appreciate EXELA help in order to implement Infusionsoft in our organisation.

Within a month, we were able to deploy all the features of the platform and really start seeing the changes that Infusionsoft is causing in our organisation. So we are really happy with the process, the consultancy was really focused on what we want, what we needed and we were helped and the consultant was always listening our needs and providing the best solution in hand in order to make the most of the platform.

So for sure, we are really contacting again EXELA in order to implement further features of Infusionsoft or expanding our knowledge on the platform in that sense.

So we appreciate and give our big thanks to EXELA team and we be in touch. Thanks.

"and the good thing about EXELA is that they are always there at the end of the phone to help you out."

Hi my names Keith Crockford from Rapid Adventures.

I've been using Infusionsoft with EXELA now for just over a year. I've done all the training courses with David and they were all just brilliant, and taught me everything that I needed to know to get my teeth stuck into Infusionsoft.

I'm still learning with Infusionsoft every day, and the good thing about EXELA is that they are always there at the end of the phone to help you out. Or if you haven't got time to do it yourself, they get on and do it for you.

I would certainly recommend EXELA for anyone looking to use Infusionsoft, especially if you want some training then David's the man to go to. So get your Infusionsoft with EXELA.

Thanks very much.

"We were growing up so fast, that's why we need software to implement to help us to run our business. That's why we came in to Infusionsoft."

Sylvia: Hi. This is Sylvia.

Miguel: This is Miguel.

Sylvia: We are International Swimming Academy. What we do is something amazing.

Miguel: It's really awesome.​​​​

Sylvia: We would love to share with you. Because we are the only one in London, in the UK probably, making children as young as six months, tiny ones, to swim by themself, and then to roll over, float to take a breath. We're using a very old successful American method, maybe 65 years old. But, for some reasons, they didn't expand it here. That's what we're doing. Can you share with everybody about the drowning?

Miguel: Well guys, I don't know if you were aware of this, but drowning is the third highest cause in accidental death with children under four years old. This is happening all around the world, in every country. Around 400 people drown every year, and most of them are little ones. We are here with a mission. We want to stop this. This is important, guys.

Sylvia: The problem is, most of the swimmers courses teach children how to be able to float, how to be relay your mouth support, how to jump in the water without knowing how to swim, and that's very dangerous. That's why what we're doing is helping families to keep the children safe in and around the water. This is our mission. We love what we do. We were growing up so fast, that's why we need software to implement to help us to run our business. That's why we came in to Infusionsoft.

Miguel: Great decision, because it's helping us ... You have no idea how much. So good, so good, Infusionsoft.

Sylvia: It's helping us to, for example, follow up customers, because before we were losing too much information. What Infusionsoft does, you can, for example you add the contact into the programme and then you can set up task for you to follow them up, what's going on, and they send you reminders all the time about what you have to do, which is very good. All this stuff in the office, they know what's going on with this contact because you have to contact the course, and all the information is recorded there. Another great thing is about the email, for example.

Miguel: Yeah, on the website. The website is connected to Infusionsoft, so when our customers go into the website and click on the Contact Us, when they write information in there, we have straight away all of the information in our email. We don't have to ask for the customer, "Please, send me your registration form, send in the terms and conditions." You create campaigns, and these campaigns follow each customer individually. It's great. You have all of the info in just a click.

Sylvia: That's very good, so we are automatizing our business, which is great. For example, what we can do and we really love it, you can create templates. For example, I can add this beautiful banner and this information in to our emails, and then you can record this template and every time you need it, you can use it so don't have to re done it again, and wasting your time. I think it's a very good solution if you want to increase your customers, if you want to grow up your business, you're gonna save time.

Miguel: Right.

Sylvia: We, all the time, having Rachel, thank you very much. Rachel Weber is our instructor. You have constantly support, and online chat. They are helping you all the time to find the solution for you, so they tailor Infusionsoft for you. We're very, very happy and we're very thankful to Infusionsoft. We're very interested in a profitable business, we're growing up, we are fantastic here in the U.K. and Europe, so If you want to get involved with our mission, if you love children.

Miguel: Yes, we have a website. Www.InternationalSwimmingAcademy.com. We have Facebook, ASA, we have a YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter. We have a lot of videos online. Go there, watch the videos, if you like it you can come here. We invite you guys to come here and have fun with us, watch a lesson, and you will understand better what we do. It's something amazing. You want to join us in every area. We need people, like instructors, we need people in the office, we need people in marketing. If you want to have a very, very profitable business, you can franchise with us. We'll teach you all the secrets. We've been in America with the best instructors. We spend a lot of money and training ourselves, and a lot of money and a lot of time. You can do it like that. Like, with Infusionsoft. We can train you, and you can open your franchise and have a profitable business. A successful business, in a very short time.

Sylvia: There is no doubt over our franchisees are going to be using Infusionsoft. Thank you very much for watching. We wish you the best of your luck. Thank you very much.

Miguel: Thank you. Bye bye.

"​Why do I learn from Infusionsoft? Because it turns my pages and pages of notes and idea into an actual campaign that works."

Hi there. Grant here from Sandler training in Oxfordshire.

Why do I learn from Infusionsoft? Because it turns my pages and pages of notes and idea into an actual campaign that works.

I can get all the information I need to get out to potential clients, existing clients, and also people that just want more information.  They can get our newsletters, and get our invitations, and they can get everything that I want to get out, it's simple.  I don't have to worry about chasing people up, I don't even have to worry about having sent out on set days.  The software does it for me.  I just want to say thank you David.

Thank you Infusionsoft for making my job and my time here at work so much more enjoyable and so much more easier. Thanks.                            

"and I have to say EXELA have been absolutely fantastic."

Hi. My name's Simon Clark. I'm the author of the upcoming book, Fast Track, How to Sell More Faster. I also have a boutique estate agency based in the heart of the Cotswolds. I predominantly help small businesses and entrepreneurs with gaining more customers and then building relationships with them that lasts for the life of the business.

Over the last five or six years, I've spent a lot of time working with various internet marketing platforms and e-commerce solutions. I have to say that they all have one thing in common and that's the initial setup is quite time consuming. There's a lot of testing that has to be done, and it generally just takes a really long time to actually get the product from design to launch phase.

That was until I met the team at EXELA, and I have to say they've been absolutely fantastic. I'm in the process of launching a new product, and in the last month we have actually been able to get the whole system in place. I'm not just talking about designing the forms and the follow-up emails. I'm talking about the complete package, so all of the e-commerce solutions.

We've even been able to implement an entire affiliate marketing platform as well. Their help has been absolutely incredible. They're taking me through the whole process step by step, explain the whole process as we've gone, but done it quickly and effectively in a one-to-one basis, so it's just been phenomenal.

So, if you're thinking about implementing any form of e-marketing system, e-commerce, or any kind of marketing strategy like that, you really have to talk to the guys at EXELA. They will explain everything. They will take you through the step-by-step process, and they will shave months, if not years, off of the development of your entire system.