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How to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

By Georgia Davis

November 29, 2019

How to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

Step 1: Make a Plan

Too often, businesses rush into creating a Facebook Page just because it seems like a good idea, or because Joe down the road says it works well for his business, without actually thinking about what they want to achieve, or what will attract their audience.

A little time spent planning can reap some wonderful rewards.

Plan Your Resource

In order to get the best results from a Facebook page, your business will need to create content on a regular basis and share it consistently, as well as monitoring progress and checking for and responding to comments and enquiries.  

This all requires a resource, so decide who is going to do what before setting the Page up and then allocate responsibilities for creating, sharing and monitoring.

Who Are Your Audience?

Before you go ‘live’ with a Facebook Page, get clear on who your target audience is – who do you want to attract?

This will help you to map out not only what content to share, but also the tone of voice that will be most effective and the best type of imagery to use. 

Why Should They ‘Like’ Your Page?

OK so we know that it isn’t all about getting ‘likes’ on your Facebook page anymore (and if you didn’t know this see the next subsection!), but defining why someone should take the time to view the content that you share will help you create a Page that benefits you by benefitting your audience.

 So – why should someone ‘like’ your Page?

  • Will you be sharing special offers there that they can’t get elsewhere?
  • Will you be sharing hints, tips, and advice? If so – for what?
  • Will you be answering questions on a regular basis?

Getting clear on ‘what’s in it for them’ will make planning your content much easier.

Also, remember that the Facebook newsfeed is a noisy place – your content needs to really hit home with your target audience in order for them to even notice it, let alone respond.

Be Ready To Spend Some Money

Facebook is a very busy place. Not all your content will get shown to those who have ‘liked’ your Page (but the more response you get to your content, the more yours will get shown.)

In fact, your carefully-crafted updates will probably only reach about 5% of those people who have ‘liked’ your Page, unless you have a stroke of genius and create something that gets massively shared.

That means that, in order to get your message out to the people you want to reach, you’ll need to invest in Facebook ads.

A Note About Facebook Live

When you go to your new Facebook Page on your phone, you’ll see that you can share not only images, text and pre-recorded video, but you can also live-stream video (this is mobile-device dependent).

This adds a whole new dimension to the ways in which you can reach and engage your audience.

For example, could you schedule in a regular Q&A session, or use it to share some lovely behind-the-scenes stories?

Step 2: Prepare Your Images

Your Facebook Page gives you 2 images that can help you make a real impact on your audience – your cover photo (the big image at the top) and your profile image (the thumbnail that represents you against every update and comment that you share).

Create the images for these before you start setting up your page and then it will be a smooth process to get it launched.

Remember – over 60%, if not more, of your audience, will be viewing your images on a mobile, so don’t make image elements or text too small!

Your Cover Photo

Dimensions required: 851 x 315 pixels. (For details about exactly how the image renders on desktop and mobile, check out this page from Facebook Help)

 This image is representing your business, so use it to help demonstrate your uniqueness, or to tell your story. You can change the image often, to help get the word out about specific promotions, events or new products.

Your Profile Photo
Dimensions required: 180 x 180 pixels. (For details about the exact requirements and how the image renders on desktop and mobile, check out this page from Facebook Help).

This is a thumbnail image that will represent you in all ‘conversations’ on Facebook pages (your own, or others that you comment on as your Page) so choose the image carefully.

If you are the face of your business, then please use an image of your smiley face as the profile picture – we all know that people respond to people much better than they do to logos.

If you choose to use your logo, you may need to pick out just one striking element for this image.

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