How To Use Custom Fields

How To Use Custom Fields

Custom fields can be used to customise your CRM to your individual company needs. For example you might need to track the number of employees that your contact has or number of family members taken on trips.

You can have 100 custom fields, per section of Infusionsoft. Custom fields in Classic UI are created by:

  1. Go to the Infusionsoft logo
  2. Go to Admin
  3. Click on settings (very bottom of list)
  4. Choose the section of Infusionsoft you want to make the custom fields for (99/100
  5. will be contacts) and click Go

In Current UI you select a contact record, click details and then at the bottom of the record you can click on create custom fields

In here you can now create the custom fields that will then appear on all contact records as described earlier.

If, in Classic UI, you create a custom field without making a custom tab and header for it to appear on, Infusionsoft will automatically create a tab called Custom Fields with a header of Custom Fields.

Once created you can only delete a custom header if there are no fields under that header, and a tab if you have deleted all headers on that tab. To move fields between tabs and headers click edit and then show advanced options. You can also reorder fields, headers and tabs by using the up and down arrows.

In Current UI, they are displayed under the main fields on the contact record details page.

The main fields that you will use are:

  • Date / Date and Time – these can be used by campaign builder to affect timings
  • Radio
  • Dropdown
  • Text / Text Area

For a full description of all the different field types click ‘Which field type should I use?’