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Infusionsoft Payments

By David Holland

December 3, 2018

Infusionsoft Payments

There are a number of situations when you want to take payments through your Infusionsoft system, such as invoices with automatic payments and order forms. Infusionsoft has its’ own in-built merchant account that you can use, but only if the bank account is in the UK, USA or Canada.

The set-up of this could not be easier, and takes about 10 minutes. Once you have filled it in there is no waiting period, you are good to go.

For the Classic UI you need to go to: Infusionsoft Logo > E-commerce > Settings

Once you are in the settings, on the left hand side, under Payment Processing you will find Merchant Accounts. Once in here you will see Infusionsoft Payments, select the country of the bank account and your profession in the dropdown. Click submit and then you will be sent an email which will take you to WePay to finialise the set-up. On WePay they will be asking you for your personal information, business information and the bank account you want to be paid to. As soon as you complete this you are good to go for taking payments through Infusionsoft.

For the Current UI, the above email that is sent out is the same, however to get there is slightly different. Go to the top right, click on your name and choose settings. The bottom right setting block is called ‘Products, payments, and invoicing’, select that one. Complete the three dropdown boxes and then click ‘Finish setup with WePay’. You will then be sent the email

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