Infusionsoft® Starter Edition vs. Dotmailer: Which Works Best for Email Marketing?

Infusionsoft® Starter Edition  vs. Dotmailer: Which Works Best for Email Marketing?

There was a time in our lives when hearing an email notification was exciting. Remember AOL’s good old “you’ve got mail!” ?

Fast-forward, three decades and a bajillion of technology innovations later, people like us are not too keen on emails anymore. Matter of fact, with countless of messages we receive each day, our brains learned to automatically filter unimportant messages which don’t resonate to us.

It’s the same thing with your customers. Your email messages should have that human-to-human connection, else, it gets filtered out. For your messages to convert better, their personalisation must go beyond addressing the person by their name or last name.

In the midst of these needs, there, rise Infusionsoft and Dotmailer to help businesses like yours deliver effective messages to your customers. Now, the burning question here is, which platform suits best for you?

Comparison overview

Comparing Infusionsoft and Dotmailer is like a battle between Kings of Kings in email marketing. At the core, both software have almost identical email marketing features. They both have strengths and weaknesses.

Both Infusionsoft and Dotmailer are web-based application proud of their capabilities. These two are award-winning software with promises to make email marketing easier and way more convenient for businesses.

Infusionsoft’s strength lies on its ability to automatically personalised messages and send them out according to a person’s journey with your company. Dotmailer on the hand, has the power to provide real time data from your email marketing campaign.

Let’s compare these two side-by-side.

Infusionsoft quick profile

In email marketing, relevancy delivers more results. Gone are the days when consumers would appreciate generic messages. Today, they demand connection. They want your message to be timely, relevant and personalised.

What Infusionsoft does is ensure that each message sent resonates to the reader no matter where they might be in the sales pipeline.

You see, with Infusionsoft, messages are behaviour-triggered. Which means a pre-loaded, personalised message is only sent to the reader when a certain action is done. Simply load your emails sequences and Infusionsoft does the rest of the job -- automatically.

For example, say, you will create a deal sequence for Christmas. With Infusionsoft email marketing, you can create a message sequence dedicated from the moment the person is aware about the deal, when they grab a coupon, up to the time of their purchase and even after purchase. You also can apply Infusionsoft’s intelligent tagging capacities so you can sort out customers and see where they are in your sale funnel.

You'll love Infusionsoft’s drag and drop campaign builder. From here it's easier to build landing pages, email campaigns, forms or modify existing campaigns. Since Infusionsoft also has a built-in CRM, campaigns are fully integrated with customer flows and communication history.

Infusionsoft also collects data from each message you sent so you can do thorough analysis from your campaign. These data are simplified through metrics like open rate, clicks, bounce rates and opt-outs.

Who is it for?

Infusionsoft® Starter Edition is perfect for freelancers, soloprenuers and businesses with small list of customers. It allows up to 500 contacts. The Starter Edition is ideal for organisations that want to develop and grow their customer-base. If needed, it can be upgraded to Infusionsoft® Essential, or above, at any time.




All in one system

No free trial

High email deliverabilty

Steep learning curve

Smart lead segmentation

No learn time data

Multimedia marketing

Lifecycle marketing

Beyond email marketing, Infusionsoft is made up of a broad ecosystem of functionalities. It is no surprise that using this software requires a steep learning curve. But Infusionsoft have dedicated consultants who can walk you through the system and help you kickstart your email marketing campaign.

Infusionsoft user reviews via Capterra

Dotmailer’s quick profile

Dotmailer has all the fundamental tools essential for email campaigns of all sizes. The platforms allow you to build email campaigns, create themes and even add videos.

Just like Infusionsoft, Dotmailer has the power to deliver action-triggered messages. It also has a Lifecycle Marketing concept as one of its core features.

It’s easy-to-use campaign builder has a very simple aesthetic so your campaign is up in minutes. The drag and drop user interface visually maps out your campaigns based on segmentation rules, lead behaviour, lead scores, date and activities. From these conditions/rules, you can create pre-sequence lifecycle messages that are highly personalised.

Dotmailer let you easily manage your database, segment them accordingly and see real time reports in terms of ROi from your campaign. You can track results, progresses and metrics through its dashboard.  Make use of Dotmailers strategic services, deliverability, studio, training and campaign management features to perfect email marketing for your business.

Dotmailer adapts to ever changing game of businesses. Dotmailer often updates new features.

Who is it for?

Dotmailer is perfect for smaller, aspiring marketing professionals or teams. It suits best if you already have a solid customer-base to nurture and promote to.

Dotmailer Profile



Free trial

Real time reports

Easy-to-use interface

Dotmailer solely focus is on email marketing. It doesn’t have a built-in CRM which makes it hard to create highly targeted campaigns or nurture fresh leads.

Dotmailer user reviews via Capterra





Email marketing



Marketing automation



Lead segmentation



Lead scoring



Personalisation and targeting



Landing page



Event management


Invoices creation


SMS marketing


Customer relationship management (CRM)




Social CRM

Built-in testing

Predictive analytics


Membership site creation


Mobile apps


Zapier integration



SAP integration


The final verdict

Email marketing is like the ultimate tool when it comes to engaging with customers. Essentially, you need one that personalised messages, streamline deals and help maintain auto responding at a personalised level -- all to which both software can do.

So now it all boils down to the burning question, which platform to use for email marketing?

On our side-by-side, Infusionsoft's’ features and capacities are clearly the winner. The Starter Edition’s tools are more advanced compare to Dotmailer, plus if you’re selling online, you would surely love to centralise your ecommerce within Infusionsoft’s ecosystem.

Infusionsoft is so much more than just an email marketing tool which makes it a winner in this comparison. It does not only automate your messages, but it has everything you need to effectively sell your products and manage your business.