The Kind of Clients that Stay and Refer

The process of finding ideal clients begins by dissecting the anatomy of your firm. Although this may look a bit strange, this is where you should be honest with your strengths, weaknesses, value proposition and unique selling point.

How are you doing so far?

If you want to know what you’re looking for in a client, write down who your past favourite clients were. Write what you loved about them. It could be the timely invoices or the way they’re easy to deal with or the way they refer their friends to you.

As for your company, there’s a lot to analyse: demographics, positioning, value systems, branding and how you’ll market your firm to your dream clients.

How to be effective with these clients

First of first, understand that they are human beings and they have emotions like us. But they’re more crucial and complicated to lure into your firm because there are other firms chasing them. Everyone wants them but these clients don’t have much time.

So, you have to know what makes them tick. What are the pain points in their organisation that you can solve? What kind of services can you offer that others don’t. Separate your firm from the competition by adding value and uniqueness into your services. For instance, clients love accounting firms that offer advisory services to help them create better strategies for their finances and overall business.

Keep in mind that experience is an important ingredient to win more clients that stay and refer. Think about it. Why do Americans love Starbucks when there are so many coffee shops around? Why is Starbucks still Starbucks? It’s because of the Starbucks experience. In the end, it’s all about client experience. You want your clients to have a memorable experience with your firm. You want to bring real value and deliver more than just results.

Maintain an email list where you can actively promote to your ideal clients. Offer something that is out of their knowledge base. It could a free guide, finance hack or investment calculator. Establish a follow-up sequence that is highly personalised and targeted. You could use Infusionsoft to create targeted, sequenced and personalised follow-up emails that are automated.

Inspire the client’s confidence in your firm. Treat them like they are partners and friends. Consider gifting without strings attached. A “thank you” note for dropping by at your firm could go a long way when it comes to gaining a prospect’s trust.

Make sure to have your referral program ready. Create a scheme where you reward the client referred and the person who referred them. The reward is a good motivator for people to keep pointing clients your way. Of course, be referable. Proactively tell people you accept referrals and that you give rewards for it.