Would You Like A Proven System Transplanted Into Your Business That’ll GUARANTEE You Leads In The Next 30 Days And Help You Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet?

If you’re a small business owner and you’d like an easy and hands free way to start generating leads and making sales on autopilot, leaving you to concentrate on the things you enjoy, then this is for you…

Hi, David Holland here.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a small business owner, or you’re responsible for the sales and marketing of the business that you work at.

And the chances are that –  you’ve got some pretty ambitious targets you want to hit.

But before we get to your targets, here’s a question:

How much easier would your business be, for the rest of this year, if you didn’t have to worry about the sales and marketing side of it?

I wouldn’t dare answer the question for you, but my guess is that it’s something along the lines of “a lot easier”.

And it’s the same for most businesses. Here’s why:

The reality is that you probably didn’t get into business because you love selling or marketing.

There are a whole raft of possibilities about why you DID get into Business:

  • You love what you do, you’re passionate about it and you want to spend all your time doing that
  • You wanted the freedom of working for yourself, and the flexibility that comes with it – if you want a day off with the kids, then, in theory, you can do that
  • You wanted to be in charge of your own destiny, and you didn’t want to be answerable to anyone other than yourself
  • You wanted to build an asset that would allow you to live the life you want for you and your loved ones and potentially sell on for your retirement

The list goes on, but you get the point: you’re not in business because you love sales and marketing.

But here’s the problem: sales and marketing come with the territory.

If you don’t market, you don’t get leads.

And if you don’t get leads, you won’t make sales.

You might get along alright for a while relying on referrals and businesses that you know well feeding you leads, but if you want to build a big business, then you’ve got no choice but to get into sales and marketing.

It’s as true this year as it was last year, which means that unless you properly fix this problem in your business at some point, you’re unlikely to have the year you want.

Which – if you don’t know much about it, or you don’t like it – kinda sucks.

All of a sudden, you’re not doing what you WANT to do, you’re doing what you HAVE to do.

Which is kind of like having a job again, right?

 And it gets worse.

Because sales and marketing isn’t what you’re qualified or trained in, the marketing you produce never really hits the spot, and your sales technique never quite gets to the professional stage – you know you’re losing business because you’re not hot when it comes to sales.

It’s not all doom and gloom though – there is some good news. And I’m living proof of it.

Before I started my business, I worked in the corporate world, climbing the greasy pole for organisations like IBM, Proctor and Gamble and Kraft.

As time went on, I gravitated towards software, and eventually set up my own business, EXELA Limited, in 2001.

And I was scared. I’d only really worked in the corporate world, and I knew that the small business market was a complete different kettle of fish.

But having worked in sales for several of those larger organisations, I knew first hand how vital selling is for a successful business.

I also knew that I didn’t want to be doing it.

I didn’t want to be endlessly dialing people who hadn’t expressed an interest, hoping that a sale would jump out at me.

I didn’t want to be schlepping round the country, staying in cheap hotels and eating mediocre food whilst my family was back in Cheltenham.

And it was then that I realised: if I could find a way of getting leads delivered consistently, without a huge level of involvement from me, things would be fine.

If I was able to regularly access people who were already interested in what it was I was selling, then I’d sell a lot more stuff.

What I needed was a lead generation machine.

A system that would generate leads for me without me having to think about it.

So I created one. And the rest – as they say – is history.

These days I run my business from my desk in Cheltenham, without having to work hard to generate leads.

The leads stream in, which means:

  • No Cold Calling
  • No door to door prospecting
  • No tired shows and exhibitions

Instead, I get a steady supply of leads into my database, which get automatically nurtured via email, and when they’re ‘hot enough’, they’ll get a call from my sales team, unless they’ve bought already.

What am I doing while this is going on?

The stuff I want to do!

Because the ‘lead generation’ and sales process in my business doesn’t involve me at all, I’m able to get on with doing the things I wanted to do when I set up my business.

Spending time with my family.

Working on the ‘big picture’ stuff that’ll make the most difference long-term.


Enjoying life.

And ultimately, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

Whether we’re in a job or we’re running a business, we all want to enjoy our days, but for most business owners, it’s not as simple as that.

They want to concentrate on the high value stuff, but they’re having to work too hard to generate leads.

They want to spend more time with their family, but they know that if they don’t focus enough on selling more stuff, their family’s going to be in dire straits before long.

Take it from me: it’s no way to live.

If you’re working every hour under the sun to generate enough leads and make enough sales to keep the lights on, then you may as well get a job.

Sorry to be brutal, but that’s a fact.

But as I said, there is light at the end of the tunnel; I’m living proof of that.

And you can be too.

You see, the ‘lead generation system’ I created that allowed me to step out of the sales and marketing side of my business isn’t only applicable to me.

It can be used by pretty much every business.

In essence, it’s a simple strategy:

  • 1
    Craft a compelling web page that gives your ideal prospect a reason to ‘opt in’ and give you their contact information
  • 2
    Send some ‘traffic’ to the page, either from your social media channels or Google.
  • 3
    Create an automated follow-up email campaign that nurtures them, brings them closer to you and gets them more interested in your product
  • 4
    Look at who’s interacting with your emails and showing an interest and give them a call (if they haven’t called you and bought already)

It’s a simple system, and if you’ve got someone who can make sales calls, it can be done without ANY involvement on your part.

But here’s the thing:

You’re probably sitting there and thinking:

“This all sounds good, David, but I still have to craft the webpage, come up with the reason to ‘opt in’ AND write all the emails, and even when I’ve done that, I still don’t know how to make it all work technically and I’m no professional marketer, so the system might not even work”

And that’s where we come in.

Because for a LIMITED TIME only, I’m going to do ALL of that for you.

Here’s how it works:

#1 Your Own Landing Page

My team will build a landing page exclusively for your business. It’ll contain compelling copy, and will have all the technical capability required for you to capture all the relevant details of your prospect. (£250)

#2 Your Own “Lead Magnet”

This is the ‘reason to ‘opt in’’. My team will craft a compelling document containing information that your prospect would be eager to consume. They’ll build it so that it’ll automatically get delivered when your prospect fills in your form on your landing page (£250)

#3 Your Own Follow Up Sequence

Once your prospect has given you their details, we’ll need to follow up with them, tell them more about us and pique their interest so they get in touch with you, and that’s why you’ll get a follow-up email campaign automated for you by one of my technicians. (£250)

In short, when you invest in this system you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to generate leads on autopilot.

All you’ll need to do is ensure that you get some ‘traffic’ to the page, and you’ll start generating leads, nurturing leads and making sales, all without lifting a finger.

 (Oh, and if you’re stuck on the traffic side of things, we’ve got several partners we can put you in touch with)

The question is: Do you see the value in this? Have you considered how this would transform your business?

Imagine leads just streaming into your database, on autopilot…

Then imagine those leads being communicated with, warmed up and sold to, without you doing a thing…

Imagine seeing money coming into your bank account, without you having to lift a finger…

Imagine this being the year when you don’t have to chase clients anymore; the year when the clients you want come to YOU…

If you see the significant value in having a system that’ll deliver you leads without you getting involved, then you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you, and that’s where you might be surprised.

If I was to sell each of these elements individually, I’d be charging around £750.

And even at that price, it’d represent outstanding value, and here’s why:

Stop for a second a think about how much a customer is worth to you.

What’s an average transaction value for you?

And how many times does an average customer transact?

I don’t know your business, but the chances are you’re looking at quite a big figure there – one that dwarfs the £750 it’d cost you to buy each of these elements.

So if this new system helped you to get just ONE new customer this year, it’d pay for itself many times over.

(Just to be clear, I’d expect the system to deliver you A LOT more than one new customer, and the longer it runs, the more customers you’ll get)

However, I’m not going to charge you £750, and here’s why:

  • The reality is that I know how hard it is to run a business in the UK.
  • You’ve got staff to deal with, the operational side of things, HMRC, delivering the product, the list goes on.

And that’s before you even get into the sales and marketing.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to make this decision, which is why I’m making your investment for what I call my “Lead Generation System” a paltry £49, as long as you make your investment before midnight on Friday 13th.

 For just £49, you’re getting everything you need to generate leads and make sales, on autopilot, and it doesn’t end there…

In addition to your significant discount, I’m also throwing in Two bonuses:

Bonus #1 Keap® Pro Edition (RRP £79 pcm) at 50%-off for 3 months

Keap® is the software we use to create your Lead Generation System, and you’ll get 50%-off for 3 months as part of this offer.

After your first 3-months, it’ll cost just £79 per month, and by then you should have already started generating leads and making sales. You will be billed directly by Infusionsoft™

Keap® is a fantastic Smart Client Management solution that not only helps you with automation, but it allows you to organise your customer database and streamline the processes in your business – we use it for a very good reason: it works.

Bonus #2 EXELA Annual Assistance (RRP £25 pcm) FREE for 30-days

EXELA coaches have worked with over 3,000 businesses in the past 4 years to help them set-up and use Keap®. We have an approach that works.

You get unlimited tickets for you and your team to the 3 Keap® workshops held at our training centre in Cheltenham

Keap® Foundations [1-day workshop] (worth £295 per ticket)

  • How to achieve smart client management
  • Setting up simple marketing automation

Campaigns Intermediate [1-day workshop] (worth £295 per ticket)

  • Creating Funnels
  • Building a consistent lead generation funnel
  • Building a customer survey approach that generates repeat business and referrals

Campaigns Advanced [1-day workshop] (worth £295 per ticket)

  • Putting lead generation on auto-pilot
  • Driving Life time customer value

50% reduction in service fees for bespoke projects

Done-for-You | Done-with-You

  • 1:1 Training
  • Creating new marketing funnels
  • Integrations
  • On-site Training
  • Landing Pages
  • Power Days

Bonus #3 Seven High Performing Campaign Templates (worth £1,200)

We will "push" six of our best campaign templates into you Keap® application ready for you to set up during the workshops.  

  • 1
    Self Service & Manual Appointment Automation
  • 2
    Lead Generation
  • 3
    Survey and Follow-Up
  • 4
    Killer Questions
  • 5
    Long-term Nurture
  • 6
  • 7

Lead Generation Bundle

  • Lead Generation Systems £750
  • Bonus #1 Keap® Pro at 50% off for 3 months £118.50
  • Bonus #2 Annual Assistance Free for 30-day £910
  • Bonus #3 Six Campaigns £1,200

Total Value £2,978.50

To pay today* £49 plus VAT + Keap® software is billed separately at £39.50 today

Invest in the system, come along to the three workshops and get everything set up.  If – after 30 days from your final workshop – you don’t think it’s right for you, just let me know and I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund of the £49 you have invested.

It’s Decision Time

I can’t make this decision for you – it’s one you’ve got to make on your own.

What I CAN do is tell you that when I got the Lead Generation System set up and established in my business, my life was a whole lot better.

I wasn’t running around, desperately trying to get enough leads to make my business work.

I wasn’t spending hours on the phone or on the road on speculative sales visits.

Instead, I was watching as leads streamed into my business on autopilot.

I was less stressed.

I slept better.

I had more time to spend with my family.

And my business was better and stronger than it ever had been before.

Oh, and my staff were happier too – have you ever met a salesperson who’d say no to an automated supply of leads?!

No, me neither.

The other thing I can tell you is that there is ZERO risk attached to you taking me up on this offer.

Make the decision to go for it, show up on the calls with your coach and at the workshops, and if it’s not right for you, I’ll give you all your money back.

Can’t say fairer than that, can you?

All I ask is that you attend the workshop and give it your best shot, but if it’s not right for you, it’s not right for you.

But I think it will be…

Do you like the idea of having a system built that will allow you to generate more leads and close more sales, all within 30 days, giving you every chance of making 2020 your best year yet?

If so, you know what to do. Click the big button below now, invest your £49 and secure your space.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. 

All we ask is that you make your investment before midnight on 13th, as this offer expires at that point.

  • 1
    Our community manager will call you to set up a call with a coach and get you booked on your workshops.  We run multiple workshops each month so you will never have to wait.
  • 2
    Work with your coach to set up Keap® and specify your lead magnet.
  • 3
    Attend the workshop
  • 4
    Get your done for you landing page, lead magnet and follow up series crafted and implemented

What People said about EXELA

Jonathan Harris Marketing Manager, AgentCentric

we're also able to much better manage our internal workflow

Good afternoon. Jonathan here, from AgentCentric, and this is just a quick video testimonial in support of David Holland and his fantastic team there at EXELA Cheltenham.
We came on board with Infusionsoft a few months ago and I have to say that from point one through all the various training sessions and also the one-to-one coaching with people like Jamie, have just been invaluable. Our own business has been growing rapidly since, but it's also helped, in a huge way, our internal management.

As well as automatic lots, the stuff that had previously taken us an absolute age to do, we're also able to much better manage our internal workflow and staff by using the Infusionsoft features such as tasks, and such like. But yeah, I couldn't recommend Infusionsoft and the support that comes with it through EXELA high enough. I would give it a go, so do have a look.Get in touch with Dave and the guys on his team, as they're absolutely fantastic. Very open, very warm, and more than happy to help.Cheers for now, and have a great afternoon. Bye.

Adam Johnson Business Owner

"I guarantee you will see returns from it, because I have. It's worth every penny."

Hello, my name's Adam and I've done two courses and was referred to them by Infusionsoft after signing up with them and I've since done the Life Cycle Marketing course, as well as the Infusionsoft start course.

Now, the Infusionsoft start course is for the purpose of tackling Infusionsoft if you're an absolute beginner. Obviously, which I was. It lasted a day, and in that time myself and the other class members ended up completely out [inaudible 00:00:25] with the system. Everybody left happy and I actually had several campaigns ended up working the very next day.I've not actually needed any help myself, but I'm a member of the Facebook support group, which is brilliant. Everyone's asking questions and they get answered immediately. As [inaudible 00:00:44] to do the Life Cycle marketing course, which was led by David Holland.

I was incredibly impressed with this. If you're a business owner, I would strongly recommend doing it, particularly if you're a start-up. I thought I'd quite a good idea about marketing, but I left after that course looking at it in a completely different light. David is a very smart bloke and he knows what's he's talking about. He actually came up with lots of ideas that I would ... actionable ideas that I went on and actually did in my own business.Infusionsoft skills paired with Life Cycle Marketing knowledge is a killer combo. I guarantee you will see returns from it, because I have. It's worth every penny. So, I strongly recommend booking yourself in, if you haven't already. Good luck.