Are you ready to push your foot down on the accelerator in your business?

Do you feel that you are in a really good place, with a solid business and you just want to scale your marketing & sales as well as customer service?

The problem you are experiencing is two-fold.

  • You don’t know exactly what to do in each area of your marketing, sales and customer service to scale your business
  • You don’t have time to figure out all the steps and nuances and then implement all the tricky technology it will take to make a difference

You do know that you need to invest more in systems to automate the repetitive takes that are required to deliver a great experience for your customers.  

You have already recognised that generating leads and following up with them is going to make a huge difference to you. 

But what else?  

Over the past ten years of working with thousands of small business owners, I have identified ten areas (or sectors) within every business that can be worked on to cumulatively improve the over performance of the business.

In my book, The Sales Circuit, I explain in detail how this works in detail.

I speak about the idea of going around a circuit making small adjustments in each of the sectors every lap.  Pretty soon the overall lap time has improved.

I have broken the marketing, sales and customer service processes in a business into ten sectors.  Each sector is independent of the others.  While there is a logical flow, you can jump from sector to sector.

The ten sectors are:

Sector 1 - Get Quote

Most visitors to your website want to know one thing. “How much will this cost me?”  While providing a detailed analysis and proposal is not always possible, giving the prospect an idea of the scale of magnitude of the cost of your products or services usually is. We use very simple technology to allow you to capture names and emails addresses in return for an estimate.

Sector 2 - Make an Offer

Provide your prospects with a completing offer and they will convert.  We make sure you get an offer in front of your prospects.

Sector 3 - Sales Process

Most small businesses sales prospect sucks!  The more automated your sales process, the less that falls through the cracks, and the more time you have back

Sector 4 - Lead Generation

Once you’ve got your quoting and sales process dialled, it’s time to generate some leads for it. The more lead generation campaigns you implement the faster you will grow.

Sector 5 - Long-term Nurture

Not all leads convert straight away, but smart business owners recognise the value in continuing to nurture their prospects on a long-term basis, so when they’re ready to buy, there’s only one option.

Sector 6 - Client onboarding

Businesses spend huge amounts of time and energy onboarding clients, with plenty of manual processes and communication. The best businesses automate most if not all of this work, providing a better service to their customers, and freeing up hours of time.

Sector 7 - Reviews & Testimonials

Customer proof has never been more important than now, and yet most businesses don’t have a non-manual repeatable way of soliciting reviews and testimonials.

 Get this built into your business, and your reviews will grow, as will your reputation and your prospect’s trust in you

Sector 8 - Referrals

Referrals generally result in the best clients, and smart businesses work out how to get a steady supply of them. If that can be achieved with automation, all the better.

Sector 9 - Repeat Purchase

With the cost of customer acquisition continuing to rise, it’s never been more vital to maximise the value of every customer through your doors.
And yet working out how to get your customers to buy again never gets to the top of the ‘to-do’ list. Get it right though, and you’ll need less customers, and the ones you have will be better quality.

Sector 10 - Build a Lead Bank

Leads are the fuel that keeps the whole engine turning, and if you’ve got a steady supply of them, your business is likely to thrive.

If you could spend a few months or even years working your way around the circuit multiple time you would slowly and surely improve your performance. This is exactly the approach the elite athletes take.  They breakdown every component of their sport and work on them independently.  Then they put the whole package together when it is time to compete.

The problem is you don’t have months or the resources to learn how to implement these strategies.  You are far too business running your business.

We do have a solution for you!

We have developed a templated based implementation programme that will develop a done-for-you fix for each of the ten sectors. 

We will spend a few hours over a couple of months working with you to identify the best and fastest way to deploy these templates into your business, but essentially we will do ALL the heavy lifting for the first circuit.

We call this service The Accelerator.  

How much does the Accelerator Cost?

The implementation project costs £1800 and lasts three months.  During this time we will implement each of the ten templates into your business.  

You will need a Keap Pro software application purchase through EXELA. 

We will provide you with unlimited training and unlimited support.

We guarantee that after these three months you will have each of the sectors covered and be in a position to repeat the circuit to make further improvement if you wish.

At that point, we can either transfer the application to you and there is nothing more to pay EXELA or keep working with you on one of our assistance packages.

If you would prefer this more complete approach to scaling your business click here.

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