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Growing Your Customer Database and Automating Your Processes


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Growing Your Customer Database and Automating Your Processes

When they say "the money is in the list" they literally mean it. Your customer list a.k.a your database, is a treasure chest of opportunities. That list, may it be made of existing customers or fresh prospects, should be taken seriously.

Your database has a lot of business to do with your company's success. It could be the heart and soul of your marketing efforts.

An ideal database is made of quality data that are relevant to your products. For example, if you are targeting teenagers to sell toys, then your database should be made up of people consistent to this demographic.

While there may be countless ways out there to grow a database, it is collecting qualifiable and quality information that brings conversion. Not so that you can retain customer information with a quality database but it also allows you to build targeted marketing.

In this course, you will learn to:

Build better marketing strategies with information from your database

Acquire new customers and build a better brand

Create a personalised experience for prospects and customers

Harness the full potential of your database


Do not buy a database

Know what type of data to collect

Build an organic database

Bribe your prospect with a lead magnet

Know that it's always about the game of quality

Partner with the right software

Automate almost everything