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Guide to Turn Your Website into a Customer Magnet


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Guide to Turning Your Website into a Customer Magnet

There are over 1 billion websites on the Internet today. For certain, your business has one too. You probably heard from somebody how a website can bring in profit.

While that is true, profit doesn’t just happen with a website sitting there. It takes more than that.

How do you make up the money and time that website cost you?

You simply turn it into a customer-converting machine.

But where do you begin?

In this course you will learn:

The basics of a good customer-converting website

To build a powerful contact page

To use the power of first impression

To make the most of shopping carts


  1. Cover the basics
  2. Build a powerful contact page
  3. Emphasize on design
  4. Leave a good first impression
  5. Make everything ultra-fast
  6. Track and capture everyone