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How to Welcome New Email Subscribers

How to Welcome New Email Subscribers

This How To Guide is intended as a checklist for anyone writing or refreshing their initial communication with brand-new subscribers to their email list. It is not intended to be a course on copywriting but will provide the key elements that should be included in your Welcome of new subscribers.

The Welcome series triggers immediately following an initial subscription to your email list with the primary role of bonding the brand to the new subscriber.

This plan will walk you through the 10 key elements to include in your Welcome campaign.

The 10 Point Welcome Email Checklist

  • 1
    Welcome and Thank You
  • 2
    Set Expectations
  • 3
    Encourage Whitelisting
  • 4
    Restate Benefits
  • 5
    Introduce the Brand/Team
  • 6
    Show Your "Best Of"
  • 7
    Bounce Them Around
  • 8
    Prescribe Next Steps 
  • 9
    Open a Loop
  • 10
    Start a Conversation 

   BONUS: Downloads and Templates

In the following steps, you will see different examples of how to incorporate each of the different elements in a way that is consistent with your brand and voice.