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Lead Generation

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Lead Generation

Objective of course is to provide you with a framework to help build a series of targeted prospect lists.

We will cover generating the list and nurturing the contacts to the point you can comfortably describe them as a marketing lead. That is the point where marketing has finished and sales begins.

Let's start by defining the customer journey.  These are the stages the customer might go through as they interact with your and your company, buy your products/services and hopefully refer other people to you.

There are countless versions of the "customer journey" described on the internet.  You really need to think about define one specific to your customers.  The naming I have used below does not matter.  What matters is you appreciate the concept we are discussing.

The Customer Journey


  • Unaware
  • Aware
  • Researching


  • Deciding
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Customer Care

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During this course we will only be discussing ideas of generating marketing leads, which are then passed over to sales.