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Make Videos That Sell In 5 Easy Steps

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Make Videos That Sell In 5 Easy Steps

About this course

In today’s age where laziness equals convenience and has become synonymous with easy, it's no surprise that video marketing now has its own spotlight in consumers’ hearts. Study after study shows that people prefer to watch rather than read.

People have a very short attention span of as little as 8.25 seconds while on the Internet. A video, is therefore the catchiest medium if you want more strategic conversion.

Videos are not only effective but also more engaging. That is why 51.9% of marketing professionals, out there, say that video is the best way to improve ROI on their online efforts.

In this guide, you will learn to:

Find suitable video content that resonates the most with your specific audience

Bring higher conversion rate from your video production efforts

Measure and improve your efforts through strategic Key Performance Indicators


Identify the core goals and objectives for creating the video

Find the type of video content that best suits your audience and goals

Choose your video style

Present your video strategically and beautifully

Measure your efforts results with powerful Key Performance Indicators