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Practical Guide to Harness the Power of Customer Reviews for 0%


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Practical Guide to Harness the Power of Customer Reviews for Your Business

About this course

Products and services out there are screaming that they are the best that you could ever have. In reality, not all of all of them are the best and it’s no surprise that you don’t trust these ads and marketing messages.

Your customers and your future customers feel the same about your product. It takes more than just a catchy headline or attractive ad commercial to win their hearts.

This is where the power of customer reviews comes to your rescue. Reviews are more than just social proofs. Customer feedback reinforce the credibility and performance of your products beyond how you promote them.

A study targeting the holidays concluded that 98% of consumers say user-generated reviews are helpful to their buying decisions during these seasons. 88% said they trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. Surprisingly, only less than half of the surveyed company owners said they have review strategies.

In this guide you will learn to harness the power of customer reviews to improve your business.


  • Learn the importance of online reviews for your business
  • Identify types of reviews and see which works best specifically for your business
  • Make use of available reviews
  • Cover your bases
  • Automate acquisition and monitoring strategies
  • Establish the best time to ask for reviews
  • Continuously nurture relationships