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Quick Guide: Auto-responders Sales Sequences

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Quick Guide: Auto-responders Sales Sequences

You know how fast-pace the modern world is, right? Everything should happen ASAP. Your sales and marketing strategies should keep up and auto responders will be your answer.

The major benefit of an auto-responder for your organisation is that it saves you time and a massive amount of it. Those tedious tasks like welcoming new customers, sending out coupons and even setting up meetings can be automated.

With auto-responders, you can turn website visitors into subscribers with intelligent opt-in sequences. With just little effort, these automated processes make it easier to communicate and build relationships among prospective customers. You can even automate your hiring processes!

The good thing about an innovative auto-responder system like Infusionsoft is that they don’t compromise the human-to-human connection. This means that every piece of communication that goes out will be personalised according to a person’s journey with you. So how about we get started?

In this course, you will learn:

What auto-responders are all about

How to create powerful sequences for accelerated campaign growth

Use Infusionsoft as your key auto-responder system


Know what auto-responders look like

Use the right auto-responder software

Plan your auto-responder sequences

Every, Darn, Time

Find a good timing formula

Keep tracking. Keep measuring