Mobile App Functions

How To Use Mobile App Functions

Mobile App Functions

Available for both Android and IOS devices, the Infusionsoft official app is available free of charge on either the Google Play or Apple stores. You can sign in to this app using you Infusionsoft details. In this document we will be running over the features of this App.

Viewing Contacts:

Under the “Recent Contacts” option, you are able to search through the complete list of contacts viewable to your account. You also have the option to add a contact from this screen. However, unlike within the App itself this “Add Contact” screen cannot be customised to request additional fields.

 After you have searched up a specific contact record, you can access the details of that record by touching the listing to open. In this screen, you can add or edit any basic details or notes, as well as view any orders or tasks relevant to this contact. It is also possible to add (but not remove) tags via pressing the tag symbol at the bottom of the main “contact” header.

 Unique to this app it also gives you the benefit of being able to download contacts from the phone directly in to your phone directory, allowing the benefit of easy communication. There is also the option to open any of the contact’s addresses within your devices’ map software. Meaning it makes navigating to contact addresses exceptionally easy.

Managing Tasks

 The “Tasks” option within the app allows you  to see tasks that have been assigned to the logged on user. It allows you to filter by tasks due (or overdue) today, tasks which are coming up in the future, and tasks without a set due date. You can tap on a task to open it up and make adjustments, such as adding new notes, adding more contacts to it, or deleting it. You cannot assign tasks to other users from this app.

Pressing the “+” icon in the top right hand side of the screen allows you to add another task for yourself. It will prompt you to set a name, a due date, assign a contact to it, and to add a description of the task. This will then be visible against your user and the contact record.

Viewing Orders

The “Orders” option allows you to view the list of current orders made by clients assigned to your user. Unfortunately there is no option to add, edit, or process new orders from within the app.


The “Opportunities” screen within the app allows you to see your current opportunities and where they are on your pipeline. You can add a new opportunity by clicking on the “+” icon in the top right of the screen. This allows you to set a title, the projected revenue, assign a contact based on your databases and set notes and dates accordingly. Handily, if you open an opportunity on your phone it provides you with the function to phone, sms and email directly from your applications - removing the need to carry contact information. If the contact has an address against their account you can even open the address directly in to your mobile sat-nav application (Google maps etc.).

Hitting the “Contact Notes” button will allow you to see a complete list of notes tied to this opportunity, and you can edit or update any details for the record by simply pressing the “Edit” button in the top right of the screen. As a point of clarity, this is where you find the function to change the pipeline stage.

On the main page for opportunities, you can scroll vertically through the stages of your pipeline, and horizontally through different records within that stage of your pipeline. To further customise your view, you can also click the 3 “Sliders” button in the top right of the page to choose which of your opportunities are presented and within what order.


The settings screen allows you quick access to the Infusionsoft Help Center, an overview recapping the different features of the app, and the set up for a card reader.

If you are using your Infusionsoft App to take payments you are able to set up and manage tax rates with the “Manage Tax” setting. This screen allows you to add a name for  a tax and set a tax rate that will appear on the transaction. Any created tax can then be toggled on and off with a simple toggle that appears to the right of the entry.

The “Card Reader” setting allows you to connect either a wired or bluetooth card reader to sync with the app. This may require permissions in order to properly function.