Refer a friend to EXELA Assistance and get a free month for you and them...

Friend gets a FREE Month of EXELA Assistance 

You get a FREE Month of EXELA Assistance

How it works

If you're an existing customer of EXELA and you'd like to refer a contact who ALSO uses Keap or Infusionsoft to become a member, please make an introduction by emailing your friend a recommendation and copy in on the email to secure a free month for you and them.

If you include your friend's contact telephone number in the email, Georgia will call them and have a nice friendly and helpful chat.  If they're interested, she will arrange for them to speak with either Jamie or David, or just sign them up if they're a good fit.

They will benefit from a month free, courtesy of you.  If they stay a member for two further paying months we will credit your membership account with a month's free Premium Membership worth £49 plus VAT.  If you'd prefer to spend the £49 on services then you can do that, no problem.

What if your friend doesn't use Keap or Infusionsoft?

  • Please email them to make the introduction, copying in as above, and we'll make sure we take care of them.
  • If they're keen to give it a go, we'll set them up with 14-day free trial of Keap so they can try it for size.
  • If they decide they want to go ahead with Keap or Infusionsoft, we'll get them the best possible deal (better than if they went direct)
  • We'll give them a full month of free EXELA Assistance membership so they can enjoy all the benefits of unlimited workshops, as well as giving them our usual high quality KickStart experience (at a fraction of the cost Keap charges)
  • As long as they retain the software and a membership with EXELA for two months after the initial month, your account will be credited with a free month of Premium Membership AND a credit voucher for an hour's consulting time (worth £87.50 plus VAT)
  • All in all, a significant win for them, and a win for you (and EXELA!)


If you've got people you want to refer, and you'd like a copy of the EXELA referral campaign set up in your application so you can get it out to your list, just click the button below

When you do that, your coach will push a campaign into your application that you can use to promote the EXELA 'Refer a Friend' programme to the contacts you select automatically.  They'll ALSO help you copy this campaign and set it up to promote your own refer a friend  programme.

Benefits of buying Keap from EXELA

EXELA is the premier provider of Keap and Infusionsoft in the UK.  We've won many awards including the best onboarding partner (KKOP) of Keap in 2020

Better Deal

EXELA can access deep price discounts that even the Keap direct sales team can not access. 

More Contacts

Buying from EXELA will get you a higher contact threshold, saving you money on each piece of data you put into the software.

Low Cost Kick Start

We offer the same Kick Start as Keap but at a fraction of the cost, which means you can get going for very little upfront investment.

Want to speak to Georgia?

If you have a question or would prefer to speak to Georgia about making a referral please click the button below and schedule a time for Georgia to call you.

Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it.