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What's this all about?

For some time now, your friend has been using Keap to help grow their business.  In order to help them do that successful, they've partnered with us at EXELA - we're the UK's leading suppliers of the software, and over the past two decades we've helped thousands of businesses implement the software to generate more leads, get more customers and make more money. 

So what IS Keap?

  • Keap is a CRM and Sales & Marketing automation software designed to help small businesses get more leads, save time and make more money. You can find a detailed breakdown of the features and benefits of Keap here.
  • Your friend is using Keap to generate new leads, nurture contacts and make sales, often on autopilot, giving them more time to spend on the things that are important to them, and growing their business as a result.
  • One of the major benefits of using Keap is consistent marketing to get new leads.  Your friend is using Keap to get a consistent flow of leads, and with a steady flow of leads comes reduced stress and uncertainty.
  • Keap allows you to automate pretty much all of the marketing, followup and sales process, buying you back valuable time to spend growing your business, spending time with your family and enjoying your life

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And who are EXELA?

  • EXELA is the premier Keap partner in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.  We are based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. 
  • EXELA has been working with your friend to get Keap set up and working effectively in their business.  
  • EXELA has a team of coaches dedicated to your success.  We focus on helping our members set-up the software and training you to use it to get more leads, make more sales and save more time.
  • Our members benefit from unlimited workshops and support.  Read more about membership here.

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So what is the great Deal

your friend wants you to know about?

Your friend has suggested that Keap might be a good fit for your business.  If it is friend, I can guarantee that EXELA will be a great fit as a partner to help you get the most from the software as quickly as possible.   

Let's talk

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You can explain about your business and what your growth plans are.  I can explain if/how Keap might support you, and how EXELA can be a great members of your team.  

I'll also fill you in on the offer you get because your friend referred you, giving you the best possible price on the Keap software AND a month of our EXELA Assistance membership programme absolutely FREE, giving you unlimited training and support to get the software working or you.

Benefits of buying Keap from EXELA

EXELA is the premier provider of Keap and Infusionsoft in the UK.  We have won many awards including the best onboarding partner (KKOP) of Keap in 2020

Better Deal

EXELA can access deep price discounts that even the Keap direct sales team can't get hold of.

More Contacts

Buying from EXELA will get you a higher contact threshold, saving you money on each piece of data you put into the software.

Low Cost Kick Start

We offer the same Kick Start as Keap but at a fraction of the cost, which means you can get going for very little upfront investment.


happy clients



Andy was great! He helped us in so many ways with the campaign builder and gave some great advice. Without Andy we wouldn't of been able to get where we are right now (ready to launch). Big thank you!

Jack Wiggins SEO

I had five coaching calls with the lovely Sandra at EXELA on how to use Keap Pro for my start up business. She was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and we got through a great deal on each call. I was actually really sad to say goodbye to her on our last call!
She was careful to explain how I can access more help should I need it though so I still feel completely supported in my new venture.

Tara Jones - Founder

The support at EXELA is second to none, professional, knowledgeable and focussed on our goals to communicate with our customers effectively. They have made getting to grips with Infusionsoft possible. I really don’t think we could have done it without them. If you are looking for a CRM partner look no further.

Debbie Bird - Consultant

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