Are you ready to SCALE your business?

It can be very expensive to try to scale a business before it is ready.  The good news is that the factors that need to be in place to make scaling easier are well documented.

Use the scorecard below to measure your readiness for the next stage of your business growth.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn from the Scorecard

Each stage of business growth has key metrics and indicators that will help you assess your readiness for the next phase.

Accelerating through business growth can be risky and expensive.  Just ask a venture capital fund manager who is allocating capital resources each day and only find one or two "winners" a year.  Growing too fast can make you poor! 


The output of the quiz will provide you with objective clarity about where you are in the journey.

The stages of business growth, the challenges at each stage and the recommended actions to move to the next stage have been studied for many years.


The output of the quiz will provide you with an understanding of your options and assist you in prioritising your personal decisions.

Action Plan

Once you have prioritised your decisions you will have a series of action plans that can be implemented to move you up to the stage stage of business growth.

Please Follow the Next Steps

Select the scorecard based on your current situation.  Please pick the scenario closes to your circumstances

Start Up

You have just started or are about to start your business.


You have been working in your business for a while.  You work alone or have some outsourced support.  You are not registered for VAT, but will need to do so this tax year.

Rising Star

Business has gone well and you and your small team of 2-5 people now have a revenue of £100-£250K per year.

Growing Team

You have successfully grown your business to between £250-£750k per year.  You have a team of between 5-10 people.  You are ready to continue to grow further

Scaling Enterprise

There are more than 10 people employed in your business and you have revenues of more than £1m (up to £10m).

About the Scorecard Author

David Holland is a former Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods and IBM sales manager who has spent the past 20 years working with small businesses to have them grow.

Author of The Sales Circuit, David has identified the top traits that small businesses need on order the move from each stage of development to the next.

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