October 1


The Nottingham Herbalist – Case Study

By Georgia Davis

October 1, 2019

The Nottingham Herbalist - Case Study


Katherine Bellchambers is the Nottingham Herbalist – she specialises in using herbal remedies to help her clients with a number of different things, including pregnancy, low mood, and health.


For Katherine to be able to really help her clients, she needs to know a lot about them.

And that’s why she was sending out a paper-based questionnaire to each client prior to their first appointment.

But this came with its fair share of problems.

People were losing these forms, forgetting to fill them in, and – in lots of cases – simply turning up without them, creating more delay and a pretty rough customer journey.

Plus, it was unnecessary paper being used with every new client.


Katherine wanted to make the move to paperless questionnaires, emailing over an electronic form that’d perform the same function as the physical one she was sending out.

Plus, she wanted some automation built in that engaged with the client and compelled them to fill the questionnaire in if they didn’t do it straight away.


We created a system that allowed Katherine to automatically send out an online form to all new clients.  All she needed to do was fill in a very simple form and the whole process was then automated, with a landing page capturing all of their answers, and various custom fields within Infusionsoft by Keap storing all the necessary data from the customers’ answers.


This piece of work reduced the amount of paper being used, won Katherine valuable time back to spend on higher value tasks and increased the number of people completing the form, leading to them receiving better service as a result.

Want us to help you like we helped Katherine?

Here at EXELA we offer both Keap© and Infusionsoft by Keap© support through different subscription services. To read about these subscription services and how we can support you and your business, click the button below. 

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