January 27


The Problem With Trial Periods

By Georgia Davis

January 27, 2020

The Problem with Trial Periods


Eat Train Live is a gym and health and fitness business that coaches clients to set goals and achieve them through personal training.

Below is a short video of who ETL is.


For Eat Train Live to enhance customer loyalty, improve customer insights and better their

operational efficiency, they need an automated on-boarding process.

But in a business like this one, customers often start out with trial periods. The problem was,

Eat Train Live’s old system didn’t register a trial purchase as a trigger for on-boarding.

Staff were spending hours and hours manually updating the CRM every time a new client

came on board for a trial. And where there’s manual data input, there’s always going to be


Owner Michael wanted to cut out the errors, save the time spent inputting data and create a

smooth introduction to the business for clients.


To save time later down the line, Michael wanted the on-boarding process to launch the

moment a trial month was purchased.

He needed to find a way to link his Stripe payment system with Infusionsoft and make sure

that it was specifically a paid trial that would kickstart the on-boarding process.


We used the Zapier platform to set up a connection between Infusionsoft and Stripe, so that

payment details could continue to be read in the new system. The system checks that a paid

trial has been purchased and uses the contact record we created to start the on-boarding

campaign automatically.


There’s no longer a delay between a client’s trial purchase and their on-boarding experience.

Manual errors have been cut out in the CRM, staff have time for more important tasks and

engagement with trial members has skyrocketed.

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