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The Top 7 Best Performing Sales Letters for Accountants

By Georgia Davis

January 7, 2020

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The Top 7 Best Performing Sales Letters for Accountants

Ever wonder how those big accounting firms have overwhelming numbers of clients? And, although they have these huge client-bases, they are still able to provide impactful, productive and ultra-accurate services?

There's no secret here.

Excellent out-puts, of course, is always a selling point for accounting firms. Being able to deliver with optimal accuracy and satisfaction are also characteristics of successful accountants.
But before anything else, it begins by having high-paying clients who trust what your firm can do.

To attract high paying prospects to your firm, it starts with an effective sales letter’ something that will get your prospective clients to think that they actually need your services.

Elements of a catchy sales letter

Later, you will learn about 7 of the highest converting sales letters used by accounting firms to attract high paying clients.

Before sending out sales letters, it’s important to identify the target audience of your specific campaigns so that you will know the kind of voice and tone you will need to use. The ‘voice’ of your writing should resonate with the reader.

Think of these. What are the characteristics of your ideal clients? How do they want service providers to talk to them? What are the pains that you can solve with your services? You could exclude the big guns or those who have their own in house CPAs or businesses that are too small, hesitant to have expenses for their accounting.

In your sales letter, let your prospective client feel that you know about their business and that the letter is specifically for them.

Use bullet points to make clear your services main objectives. For example, highlight strengths like;

  • Full service book-keeping for small businesses using Xerox or Quickbook integration with Infusionsoft, all versions and editions.
  • (number of years) of accounting services for hundreds of SME and Fortune 500 companies 
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Microsoft excel full proficiency
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Acquaint them with who you are and what your accounting firm can do for them. Remember the key rule when creating a sales letter: emphasize the benefits.

Your message should be original. Stay away from free templates as everyone else is using them. Grab attention with powerful headlines and powerful opening sentences. For example:

It’s probably about time you get accurate and affordable accountants for your business, don’t you think? Your focus should be (and should have been) making your business grow and watching your profits rise. If accounting, taxes and bookkeeping keep you from focusing on your very business, then you need all of those out from your table. Let us help you. I’d like to introduce you to our company ‘insert company name’.

Show then you know how their business works and give away ideas how you can optimise their operation. Most of all, end with a powerful call-to-action so the person reading knows what to do next.

‘We have worked with various clients before from constructions to healthcare, professionals to retail businesses, among others. You will find us hard working, dependable, on time and accurate. References are available for your review.

We crunch numbers, and we love paperwork. Let us know how we can help you optimise your business. Call us today at (insert phone number) and let us discuss how we can work together’.

In todays digital age, its more effective to do prospecting through e-mail compared to old school snail mail. On snail mail, your sales letter is likely to be overlooked, forgotten even. Business
owners and decision makers often open up their emails. So the best way to reach more prospects is by sending your sales letter via e-mail.

When sending massive sales letters to prospects, you need a software that works for personalisation and targeting so you are not just sending generic sales letters. A software like Keap® lets you do that so every letter sent is personalised and targeting according to the very company's need.

With a powerful software like this, you are basically sending out messages that resonate to your clients. What is more, metrics such as how many people have read your sales letter, how many contracted you, and so on, are tracked so you get to see how effective your sales letters were.

Here are the 7 top-performing sales letters that successful accounting firms use to get high
paying clients.

1. Introductory Sales Letter

An introductory sales letter is basically all about introducing yourself and your services to your prospective clients. It could be that it’s the first time they hear from you or they’ve known you for somewhere but haven't had a formal introduction.

Overall, you want your introductory letter to result in interest and action to present the unique services you offer. You should be able to generate active responses that they would actually hit that call to action. 

Include the most important elements such as what you do, the service you offer, the problem you can solve and how you will do it. Include demonstrated examples or references to the previous clients you served.

2. Incentives Sales Letter

You can use this both for new and existing clients. With an incentive sales letter, you are now offering them to get a service at a better rate. Your incentive should be exciting, attractive even. Research what your competitors offer and create a specific product that’s even better than

It could be that you are offering book-keeping, tax services and auditing 50% off the usual service fee. Emphasise the urgency that the offer is time-limited. Basically, you tell them that the clock is ticking.

Remember that you need to persuade your prospect. Use studies, figures, facts and even previous clients testimonials to build credibility within your sales letter.

3. Thank You Sales Letter

Gratitude is always a powerful tool in business specifically for selling. Thank You Sales Letters when done right can bring you profit to your accounting business. You can send a Thank You
sales letter when a lead currently subscribes to your newsletter.

Send out a short Thank You note for new prospects you recently met at a local gathering.

You could also craft Thank You letters for your recent clients. Saying ‘thank you’ is a good way to make them feel appreciated. It’s also your chance to invite them to future offers. As a way of appreciation, you can offer a certain service for free or at a minimal fee.

4. Holiday Sales Letter

Technically, it’s the holidays so you are putting your services ‘on sale’ while you are helping the client ease out all the holiday chaos. Most holidays at any given month bring loads of money paperwork's for your clients. It’s the best time to offer your firms services.

Pro tip: Even a simple holiday greeting card can make an excellent sales letter. People love to open cards and read them so make the most of it. Just be sure you are not too 'salesy.' Tread
your words lightly to match the holiday theme.

5. We Miss You Sales Letters

Have clients or prospective clients who've gone cold out of the blue? What s the way to recapture them?

Remind them your firms existence through a ‘We Miss You’ sales letter. The idea is to bring in good clients or ‘hot leads’ from the past who have not been active in your firm.

In this sales letter, you are telling your client to check you out, drop a message or comeback because you miss them. You might not know how many inactive contacts are actually looking for your services. Gather together the list of clients or prospective clients who haven't contacted you for a while and send out some capitative 'We Miss You' sales letter out there.

Tie that letter with an attractive offer and you'll surely get some responses.

6. Direct Response Sales Letter

Direct Response sales letters are meant to get, well, a direct response from the person. It is meant for the reader to do a buying decision right there and then. Everything has to be compelling to the level that it resonates to that specific reader. Your sales letter has to trigger powerful emotions.

You could put call to action options whether the person has to declined or accepted an offer. In a campaign like this, you should integrate your sales letter to a software like Keap® so you get to capture your prospects response and see who's interested and who's not.

7. Service Update Sales Letter

A service update sales letter works to inform existing clients about an upgrade or changes of the services your firms offers. It could be that you have a new efficiency feature or you are using a new software to upgrade your services efficiency.

Your letter should have clarity as to what changes and what people can expect from the changes. Address the person correctly. Again, when sending massive sales letters, use an innovative software to do effective personalisation and targeting.

Follow Up is Powerful

Among the common mistakes by accounting firms is that they assume that if a prospective client does not respond, it means the person is not interested. But that is not wholly so. Only 2% of those how get to know a business the first time buy a product or a service. It means that without a follow up, you are actually losing 98% of opportunities.

Effective selling is apparently a gradual process. You have to continuously build relationship and trust among your prospects. After all, they will have to trust you in the most important aspect of their business — money. You are selling a solution. So within the follow up processes, you
should continue building a relationship with the person until you actually get them to the buying cycle.

It is completely understandable if it is hard to keep up with your prospective clients. Building trust may take time and it gets harder if you are prospecting in a large number. An automation, CRM and email marketing software like Keap® helps you do the trick.

With a new software like Keap®, most prospecting tasks are automated. It allows you to capture lead information, nurture relationship among prospective clients and even help optimise your
accounting firms processes by automating redundant tasks. And because a software like Keap® as its own innovative email marketing features, sending out sales letter becomes more efficient.

Through powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, building trust and credibility among your prospects become easier.

Split Testing or Multivariate Testing

A/B testing is testing the efficacy of a sales letter based on two factors while multivariate testing includes multiple factors.

For example, on A/B testing, if you were to send the sales letter via email, you can create two different subject lines and see which among these two can be better conversion. For multivariate testing, create various subject lines to test.

What to test on your sales letters:

  • Subject Lines
  • Headlines
  • Letter's body
  • Signature and Post scripts
  • Calls to Actions

Use whichever works best as a template for future campaigns.

Don’t let an opportunity slip through the crack: capture leads, follow-up and continue building relationship

When you finally build your sales letters, it’s important that you have a tool to keep crack of everything. You want to see which among your prospects are likely to obtain services from your firm and continue building relationship until they become your clients.

You need an innovative technology to help ease the daunting tasks. The lifecycle of your sales letters bottom lines should go like this: capture leads —> follow up —> build relationship.

A software like Keap® allows you to be straightforward on your processes so you can do prospecting in the most simplified ways. With it, you are able to measure your sales letters efficiency and get to continue nurturing prospects automatically without compromising personalisation and targeting.

There's a reason why hundreds of accounting firms out there trust Keap® as the backbone of their firms success. With the right sales letter, a trustworthy software like Keap® and credible services, success is likely to come sooner to your accounting firm.

Download the eBook 'The Top 7 Best Performing Sales Letters'

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