Want More Attendees? Here’s Cloud Computing for Your Accounting Practice Seminars

Seminars are only effective when they are planned well and you are equipped with the right tools for them. From lead generation to follow-ups and even last minute reminders, it’s not so wise to do these tasks manually. Manual processes are not only time consuming but can be ineffective.

Cloud computing makes it possible to ease all the time-consuming processes on creating accounting events or seminars. A cloud tool like Infusionsoft is a popular buzz among accounting firms due to its effectiveness to automate their firm’s processes, streamline company tasks and create sleek seminar campaigns.

Infusionsoft lets you build marketing campaigns and automatically collect leads for your seminars.  

People are interested in your seminar but they simply just don’t signup straight away. Your goal is to transform their interest into seminar attendees. Infusionsoft’s lead generation capacities let you collect and organize data from your audience through its ready-made lead capture form. Prospects or attendee’s information are automatically saved straight to the CRM and from there you can continue the nurturing stage through follow-ups, notifications, and reminders. It’s a sure way to make sure no opportunities slip away

CRM cloud technologies like Infusionsoft allow you to create better connections among leads and customers. It lets you manage individual records from information, to activities and attendee’s status for the event. Even if you have invited thousands of people to your event, with Infusionsoft, campaign flows are simplified and progress is recorded.

Innovative tools like Infusionsoft allows you to check for duplicated entries, manage event data, link updates to contacts or set last minute reminders — all through the power of automation. And because the core function of this system is to automate, you avoid the hassle of repetitive tasks and manual errors.

With Infusionsoft, you can create slick follow up sequences to make the most of your invitation and lead generation campaigns. All event details are scheduled and stored in the cloud so data are accessible to any device. Pre-event messages, last minute reminders and post-event emails are sent out right away; sequenced and personalized. A sequence can start as soon as the person registers. You can set up personalized and behaviour-triggered sequences through Infusionsoft’s email system. That way follow up emails are automatically sent whenever a certain action is done. For example, after the person has signed up for the event, Infusionsoft then sends an automated email to confirm that attendee’s seat for the event.

Overall, cloud computing technology like Infusionsoft helps you pull off the perfect accounting practice seminar. This includes an increase attendance, making more bookings and being more efficient which saves countless of hours on preparation. There’s no need to put extensive effort or to be afraid when forgetting to follow up on leads. Through cloud computing, you are able to make sure that each prospect or attendee is nurtured — automatically.