Discover how you are performing on “The Circuit” and multiply your results

Take a test drive around The Circuit and find out what to focus on to improve your marketing and sales performance.

What you get

The output of the quiz is a radar diagram and step-by-step guide.

Easy to understand Radar Diagram

Visualise your current situation at a glance.

Detailed Step-by-step Guide

You will receive a detailed report with suggestions for what to do to improve each sector.

Tools and Resources

Access to free tools and resources that you can use

why work with us?

Over 500+ Successful Projects and Still Counting

Strategy & Research

As the largest Keap/Infusionsoft Partner in the UK for the past 10 years, we have worked with over 5,500 customers to implement Marketing and Sales Technology.

Our research and experience in baked in.

Design & Development

We like simple.  In fact we insist on it.
Every tactic and technique we suggest is very simple to implement and to use.

No complex campaign with unmanageable human processes. 

Training & Support

We pride ourselves on working with our customers to training them how to use technology effectively in their business. 

We love to see our customers making small gain that add up to big success.

about us

We use our experience to create yours

EXELA is led by David Holland, a former Procter & Gamble, Mondelez, and IBM who has owned and operated a number of small businesses since 2001.  

Each of our coaches is certified in a number of marketing technology solutions and has worked with hundreds of customers to deliver results.

Everything we suggest is very practical and easy to implement.  We dislike complexity and believe that simple solutions are easier to to use.  We understand that humans drive your business and technology enables the humans.


Discover how we make a difference with your company

We follow an "Agile Approach" to projects!

We work with you to identify the things you "could do".  Then we priorities based on effort (cost) and return. 

This gives us a task list of high priority micro-projects that we can attack.  We stet a very short time window, say 10 days, and work to develop a solution for you.  We review the results together and adapt.

The benefit is this approach is fast results and no wasted effort.  You are always getting the tools you need to develop your business.


"It really helped me understand Infusionsoft and how it can help my business."

Hi, my name is Chris from CDC Accounting Limited, and today I just wanted to send a video testimonial for David Holland and all the guys over at EXELA. I've known David for about a year now, and 12 months ago I went on some Infusionsoft training, very informative days.

Actually been on four or five days training since.

It really helped me understand Infusionsoft and how it can help my business. I've also used their support team. I had a particular issue with what I was doing with the campaign, sent an email off to their support team. Within minutes somebody had arranged a call. Later that day we had that call and solved the issue. Fantastic service.

I've also been quite recently to an event that they put on for full business owners. It wasn't a how to use Infusionsoft or how to sell Infusionsoft day. It was a how to make your business better day, networking with other businesses, with other uses, and it was really informative, really great day.

Thanks again to David and your team for putting that on. We love Infusionsoft and we'd recommend it to anybody, and EXELA. Cheers.

Adam Johnson Business Owner

"I guarantee you will see returns from it, because I have. It's worth every penny."

Hello, my name's Adam and I've done two courses and was referred to them by Infusionsoft after signing up with them and I've since done the Life Cycle Marketing course, as well as the Infusionsoft start course.

Now, the Infusionsoft start course is for the purpose of tackling Infusionsoft if you're an absolute beginner. Obviously, which I was. It lasted a day, and in that time myself and the other class members ended up completely out [inaudible 00:00:25] with the system. Everybody left happy and I actually had several campaigns ended up working the very next day.I've not actually needed any help myself, but I'm a member of the Facebook support group, which is brilliant. Everyone's asking questions and they get answered immediately. As [inaudible 00:00:44] to do the Life Cycle marketing course, which was led by David Holland.

I was incredibly impressed with this. If you're a business owner, I would strongly recommend doing it, particularly if you're a start-up. I thought I'd quite a good idea about marketing, but I left after that course looking at it in a completely different light. David is a very smart bloke and he knows what's he's talking about. He actually came up with lots of ideas that I would ... actionable ideas that I went on and actually did in my own business.Infusionsoft skills paired with Life Cycle Marketing knowledge is a killer combo. I guarantee you will see returns from it, because I have. It's worth every penny. So, I strongly recommend booking yourself in, if you haven't already. Good luck.


Great Support

Sylvia: Hi. This is Sylvia.

Miguel: This is Miguel.

Sylvia: We are International Swimming Academy. What we do is something amazing.

Miguel: It's really awesome.

Sylvia: We would love to share with you. Because we are the only one in London, in the UK probably, making children as young as six months, tiny ones, to swim by themself, and then to roll over, float to take a breath. We're using a very old successful American method, maybe 65 years old. But, for some reasons, they didn't expand it here. That's what we're doing. Can you share with everybody about the drowning?

Miguel: Well guys, I don't know if you were aware of this, but drowning is the third highest cause in accidental death with children under four years old. This is happening all around the world, in every country. Around 400 people drown every year, and most of them are little ones. We are here with a mission. We want to stop this. This is important, guys.

Sylvia: The problem is, most of the swimmers courses teach children how to be able to float, how to be relay your mouth support, how to jump in the water without knowing how to swim, and that's very dangerous. That's why what we're doing is helping families to keep the children safe in and around the water. This is our mission. We love what we do. We were growing up so fast, that's why we need software to implement to help us to run our business. That's why we came in to Infusionsoft.

Miguel: Great decision, because it's helping us ... You have no idea how much. So good, so good, Infusionsoft.

Sylvia: It's helping us to, for example, follow up customers, because before we were losing too much information. What Infusionsoft does, you can, for example you add the contact into the programme and then you can set up task for you to follow them up, what's going on, and they send you reminders all the time about what you have to do, which is very good. All this stuff in the office, they know what's going on with this contact because you have to contact the course, and all the information is recorded there. Another great thing is about the email, for example.

Miguel: Yeah, on the website. The website is connected to Infusionsoft, so when our customers go into the website and click on the Contact Us, when they write information in there, we have straight away all of the information in our email. We don't have to ask for the customer, "Please, send me your registration form, send in the terms and conditions." You create campaigns, and these campaigns follow each customer individually. It's great. You have all of the info in just a click.

Sylvia: That's very good, so we are automatizing our business, which is great. For example, what we can do and we really love it, you can create templates. For example, I can add this beautiful banner and this information in to our emails, and then you can record this template and every time you need it, you can use it so don't have to re done it again, and wasting your time. I think it's a very good solution if you want to increase your customers, if you want to grow up your business, you're gonna save time.

Miguel: Right.

Sylvia: We, all the time, having Rachel, thank you very much. Rachel Weber is our instructor. You have constantly support, and online chat. They are helping you all the time to find the solution for you, so they tailor Infusionsoft for you. We're very, very happy and we're very thankful to Infusionsoft. We're very interested in a profitable business, we're growing up, we are fantastic here in the U.K. and Europe, so If you want to get involved with our mission, if you love children.

Miguel: Yes, we have a website. We have Facebook, ASA, we have a YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter. We have a lot of videos online. Go there, watch the videos, if you like it you can come here. We invite you guys to come here and have fun with us, watch a lesson, and you will understand better what we do. It's something amazing. You want to join us in every area. We need people, like instructors, we need people in the office, we need people in marketing. If you want to have a very, very profitable business, you can franchise with us. We'll teach you all the secrets. We've been in America with the best instructors. We spend a lot of money and training ourselves, and a lot of money and a lot of time. You can do it like that. Like, with Infusionsoft. We can train you, and you can open your franchise and have a profitable business. A successful business, in a very short time.

Sylvia: There is no doubt over our franchisees are going to be using Infusionsoft. Thank you very much for watching. We wish you the best of your luck. Thank you very much.

Miguel: Thank you. Bye bye.


Great Insights!

The insights provided by David at EXELA gave me exactly what I needed - an understanding of what Infusionsoft™ can do, and how to make a start and what my likely return would be.


"and the good thing about EXELA is that they are always there at the end of the phone to help you out."

Hi my names Keith Crockford from Rapid Adventures.

I've been using Infusionsoft with EXELA now for just over a year. I've done all the training courses with David and they were all just brilliant, and taught me everything that I needed to know to get my teeth stuck into Infusionsoft.

I'm still learning with Infusionsoft every day, and the good thing about EXELA is that they are always there at the end of the phone to help you out. Or if you haven't got time to do it yourself, they get on and do it for you.

I would certainly recommend EXELA for anyone looking to use Infusionsoft, especially if you want some training then David's the man to go to. So get your Infusionsoft with EXELA.

Thanks very much.


“We’re very happy with how the training day turned out.”

“Here at citrusHR – a fresh approach to HR for small and growing businesses - we recently undertook a training course with Jamie from EXELA, and found it to be a great help in deciding how to move forward with the software. Not only did he help us to set up new users in the right way, but he even went right into the details of campaign builder to generate the automation that we needed – showing us things we didn’t even know were there in the process!

Throughout the training, he would answer all our questions quickly and as simply as possible; and made sure to let us know that where he couldn’t give us the answer we were looking for he would go the extra mile to find it for us at a later date.

As a Software As A Service business, we need our marketing to be automated as far as possible. After all, we can’t work 24/7 like our product does! Jamie’s help was invaluable in showing us not just how Infusionsoft could automate emails and other direct marketing, but also how it could help us structure our own sales process.

We’re very happy with how the training day turned out, and are looking forward to providing a more streamlined and even more effective HR software and support service to our customers and prospects now that we know a bit more about what Infusionsoft can do!”