"How much does it cost to implement marketing and sales automation...

...and what benefits can I expect?"

EXELA has helped thousands of small businesses implement sales and marketing automation.

Implementing Software Require Three Steps

The Software

There are many different sales and marketing software solutions available.  Each offers a particular perspective on what is important.  Most offer a point solution that only solves for one aspect.  For these, multiple solutions would be required.

At EXELA we recommend Keap.  It is designed as an all-in-one tool and does provide all the basic functionality plus many advanced features.  

The Project

All Implementation begin by determining a set of requirements and setting priorities for the first process to be automated.  This will be either an easy/quick win, or a major priority with significant payback.  

Projects are rarely one-off events.  They are more often a series of steps that result in most of your marketing and sales processes being automated.

The EXELA approach to automation projects is to combine doing with learning.  We provide guided "done-with-you" personal zoom session along with live workshops for your team.  

The Support

Once the initial phase of the project is complete you can expect to enjoy the benefits.  In most cases clients chose to implement more automation across further processes.  

EXELA provides an ongoing Assistance programme to support your systems and help you implement more features as you priorities dictate.

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