Campaigns that Convert

More than anything else business owners want to have a sensible, realistic conversation with an expert


If you know you need to be doing more marketing, but you don’t know what to do, or how to do it, this is for you.

All business owners want a growing and more profitable business. They understand how to deliver their product and service and want marketing that is affordable and effective. They want solutions implemented quickly but do not want to be tied up in long term expenses or contracts.  They just want results.

Proven techniques

Our marketing strategies are built on proven methods, honed over two decades of crafting successful campaigns across diverse industries. With a keen eye for winners, our blend of experience and tech-savviness guarantees results. Your success is our assurance.

Affordable Options

Despite having limited budgets, small businesses still strive for outstanding results. By employing clever campaign design, we can consistently create highly cost-effective campaigns that yield remarkable outcomes.

we teach you

We teach you

. With our extensive background in coaching and training, we empower our clients to effectively leverage marketing technology.

done with you

We work with you

If you want to learn how to get stuff done, but hold hands with an expert while you do it, that’s fine, we’ll be there every step of the way.

done for you

We do it for you

If you prefer not to delve into the intricacies, our team of expert coaches will skilfully craft whatever you require. 


Scope, Design, Implement

We meticulously craft a highly customized marketing campaign, leveraging our expertise and industry insights. Our goal is to generate the desired influx of high-quality leads that will not only fuel growth but also maximize returns on your investment. With our cost-effective strategies, we will harness the power of targeted messaging, compelling visuals, and data-driven analytics to ensure the success of your campaign.


Pipeline optimisation

If you have been encountering difficulties in converting leads into sales, it is likely that your current process has some flaws. Our team understand the importance of addressing these issues and optimizing your sales conversion process to drive increased sales. Our experienced professionals are here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you have a streamlined and effective approach that maximizes your sales potential. With our tailored solutions and expertise, you can confidently overcome any challenges and achieve remarkable results in your sales efforts.


Content Packs

We craft tailored content for articles, emails, social media posts, lead magnets and landing pages. Our unique approach combines the power of artificial intelligence with expert editing to deliver high-quality, scalable content. Experience the remarkable synergy of AI and human expertise, ensuring unparalleled excellence and captivating eloquence in every piece we produce.


Selection & utilisation.

In order to successfully achieve the campaign objective, we will strategically utilize your current technology or, if necessary, seamlessly adopt new tools. Our expertise lies in meticulous selection and seamless integration of the most suitable technology specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of the task at hand. By leveraging our technical proficiency, we ensure optimal results are attained in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


Marketing Assistance Membership

We are committed to assisting our customers in growing their businesses by leveraging their preferred technology tools. Our comprehensive support extends to both campaigns and technology, allowing our members to focus on their business operations, secure in the knowledge that we will always be there to provide assistance.

Why choose Membership?

50% Reduction in Fees

Members enjoy a 50% reduction in the hourly rate for projects

Unlimited Email Support

Ask as many questions as you wish.  Ask "how to" use the technology we have implemented or "what to" do next to move your business forward.

Additional FRee Technology tooLS

We will provide you with a FREE edition of GoEXELA Basic.  This included 2-way SMS, Email and Messenger conversation threads, Reputation Management, Social Planner and a Webchat widget.

Dedicated Account Manager

Over time you will develop a collaborative working relationship with member of the EXELA team.  

Our Membership Plans





  • 50% Reduction in Fees
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • On-demand Courses
  • Dedicated Account Manager





  • Everything in Assisted

Monthly Content Pack

  • One blog article
  • 20 Social Posts
  • List Scheduled in your channels

Example of what we can do for you

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Excellent service from Andy, helped me set up and understand so much of what Keap can do. Highly recommend, actually understands the business processes rather than being too technical focused. Thank you! Jill

Stephen Robinson

David is great at finding out what your needs are then finding solutions within Infusionsoft to suit your needs. He was always quick to respond as well whenever I had to email him a question. He also has amazing ideas which helped my sales process immensely. My closing ratio before I met David was about 33%. After implementing a webform 1 and 2 process, it helped me qualify my leads much better, saved me time, and helped me close at a much better rate. I am now closing close to 50% of my leads with this new process David implemented. The other thing David has helped me with is automation. I can now through opportunity management sell my clients through the different stages. This is also helping my closing percentages. But just importantly its saving me TONS of time, which is my most valuable commodity. My goal is to have the greatest, most efficient, technologically advanced sales machine in the industry and I look forward to having David help me achieve that goal.

Brian Young

The insights provided by David at EXELA gave me exactly what I needed - an understanding of what Infusionsoft™ can do, and how to make a start and what my likely return would be.

Amanda Holges

Hi. My name's Simon Clark. I'm the author of the upcoming book, Fast Track, How to Sell More Faster. I also have a boutique estate agency based in the heart of the Cotswolds. I predominantly help small businesses and entrepreneurs with gaining more customers and then building relationships with them that last for the life of the business.

Over the last five or six years, I've spent a lot of time working with various internet marketing platforms and e-commerce solutions. I have to say that they all have one thing in common and that's the initial setup is quite time consuming. There's a lot of testing that has to be done, and it generally just takes a really long time to actually get the product from design to launch phase.

That was until I met the team at EXELA, and I have to say they've been absolutely fantastic. I'm in the process of launching a new product, and in the last month we have actually been able to get the whole system in place. I'm not just talking about designing the forms and the follow-up emails. I'm talking about the complete package, so all of the e-commerce solutions.

We've even been able to implement an entire affiliate marketing platform as well. Their help has been absolutely incredible. They're taking me through the whole process step by step, explain the whole process as we've gone, but done it quickly and effectively in a one-to-one basis, so it's just been phenomenal.

So, if you're thinking about implementing any form of e-marketing system, e-commerce, or any kind of marketing strategy like that, you really have to talk to the guys at EXELA. They will explain everything. They will take you through the step-by-step process, and they will shave months, if not years, off of the development of your entire system.

Simon Clark

Hi there. Grant here from Sandler training in Oxfordshire.

Why do I learn from Infusionsoft? Because it turns my pages and pages of notes and idea into an actual campaign that works.

I can get all the information I need to get out to potential clients, existing clients, and also people that just want more information. They can get our newsletters, and get our invitations, and they can get everything that I want to get out, it's simple. I don't have to worry about chasing people up, I don't even have to worry about having sent out on set days. The software does it for me. I just want to say thank you David.

Thank you Infusionsoft for making my job and my time here at work so much more enjoyable and so much more easier. Thanks.

Grant Tebb

Hi my names Keith Crockford from Rapid Adventures.

I've been using Infusionsoft with EXELA now for just over a year. I've done all the training courses with David and they were all just brilliant, and taught me everything that I needed to know to get my teeth stuck into Infusionsoft.

I'm still learning with Infusionsoft every day, and the good thing about EXELA is that they are always there at the end of the phone to help you out. Or if you haven't got time to do it yourself, they get on and do it for you.

I would certainly recommend EXELA for anyone looking to use Infusionsoft, especially if you want some training then David's the man to go to. So get your Infusionsoft with EXELA.

Thanks very much.

Keith Crockford