By David Holland

January 12, 2017


10 Signs Your Company Needs Automation Now

Gone are the years of filing cabinets, serieses of long follow-up calls or selling door-to-door, face-to-face. Technology has gotten further than that; helping business be more efficient far beyond you could imagine by automating redundant tasks and simplifying processes.

The age of digital evolution has granted us the power to reach our customers and collaborate with peers through the use of computers. Infusionsoft, for one, is proven to help countless of companies; reducing costs and optimizing marketing operations. What is more, automation system like Infusionsoft lets you handle your internal processes and customer relationship management way faster and more efficiently than before.

Think of these questions:

  • Are you overwhelmed by the number of people you need to follow-up with?
  • Are you not able to keep up with the raging number of subscribers in your mailing list?
  • Do you have to manually welcome on board each fresh client?
  • Are manual errors almost a “natural” thing around the workplace?
  • Sales are not being “closed” the soonest possible times? Or,
  • Are you not meeting your end-goal?

If your answer to these questions is Yes, then you definitely need automation for your business. Here are top ten reasons why you should get automation for your business NOW.

  1. When the staffs forget steps on the manual workflow. Make use of configurable workflow automation so it'd be easier to collaborate and update on projects. Involve and track everyone in the project, communicate more easily and bring in new level of productivity for the company with the use of an automation software.

  2. When the burden of manual work overcomes productivity. Do you welcome new customers one by one or do you have to send follow-up individually to each fresh leads? Think of how much time you spend to do these individually and how automation can do these all for you.

  3. When you forget to follow up on customers. Forgotten follow-ups are not a surprise but do you know there’s a huge profitability and brand opportunity on timely, quick follow-up? With automation software like Infusionsoft, you can create follow-up templates and sequences that are automatically send to the reader after they trigger a certain action.

  4. When welcoming new clients on board is an enormous task. When your business was in its fresh pace, it was easy to send thank you notes for your new clients. Until the list of new clients come in and you begin to realize manually welcoming them is actually time-confusing, time-consuming and overwhelming. With automation, onboarding new clients is made way easier.

  5. When it’s difficult and time-consuming to build your marketing list. You might have already known that growing your email list can begin with a simple lead magnet. From building new landing pages and split-testing your lead generation assets, automation software can shorten processes and keep track of your progresses at the same time.

  6. When you don’t want to hire more staffs. Why do so when tasks can be automated? Overall, with a tool like Infusionsoft, you are cutting costs and avoiding human resource related expenses.

  7. When you want to expand your RoI. With powerful analytics and data tools integrated in an automation system, potential threats and possible benefits can be easily predicted and analyzed. With automation, you are able to see which campaigns work and which need improvement. Less time with repetitive tasks from lead management to customer follow up and even the selling processes are made possible with automation. Basically automation increases your RoI by increasing productivity and shortening common processes even up to the buying cycle.

  8. When you want to improve your operations. Spreadsheets and paper approvals are huge time-eaters and automation is a way to get them done AUTOMATICALLY. Manual processes can be done in shared interface so collaboration and productivity are made more efficient.

  9. When you want to minimise cost and manual errors. Without a doubt, manual errors cost you money not to mention, time and reputation. Your people are bound to make mistakes one way or the other while technology don’t. Optimise work routines’ accuracy by leveraging technology and having the best team there is for your company.

  10. When you want to build better relationship with audience. People love it when they get welcome e-mails or when their purchase confirmation arrives within minutes. Can you do all of these manually in an instant? Probably not. But with automation, it’s easier to build better relationship with audience with timely, quick responses.

Now the floor is yours

Your day to day involves a lot of juggling around; there's the emails, the meetings, the business operations, the management and everything else in between. By now you should have already decided to use automation to ease all of these headache.

You probably heard the buzz about automation and there’s a reason for that. Automation has been proven by countless of businesses around the world to help them them on their workplace routines, marketing and even selling. While hands-on approach works, automation can shorten most of the common routines; saving you time and money..Automate repetitive tasks to focus on what matters the most for your business.

There's a reason why about 60% of the Fortune 500 companies out there use automation to help them deliver impressive ROI. So while you are making the best for your company, it's very important to consider automation as a part of your overall strategy. Anything that's digital on your routines and operations could make use of automation.

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Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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