By David Holland

December 21, 2016


LinkedIn Lead Follow Up with Infusionsoft

How to Efficiently Follow Up Your Network and Bring Them to Your Sales Funnel

 How much opportunities do LinkedIn offer when it comes to building your prospective customer list?


You know the essentials of expanding sales lie on how effective you can be on your follow up. That means timely, captivating and straightforward follow ups. Infusionsoft makes it possible to grow your list without having to do redundant follow up routines or manually send out messages one-by-one.

But, after you gathered a nice, permission-based lead list, how can you make use of Infusionsoft to create timely follow ups that resonate to your target audience? The key is understanding how you can integrate LinkedIn, Infusionsoft and your follow up routines to turn them into a harmonious magic for your company.

In the world of Internet marketing, speed is everything. You don’t want your prospects and leads to slip away because they didn’t get the response they needed or they failed to receive the information promised. Prompt follow up responses are credibility boosters. Remember this, even the most engaging content needs to be delivered at the right time.

When you gathered lead information from your LinkedIn network (again, with the permission from the owner) then it is about time you began nurturing those leads by building relevant relationships by sending messages that resonate to those specific people.

Here’s a good example of how it happens in real time. A new LinkedIn network sign up on your designated landing page. That person is automatically added to your Infusionsoft database. An automated welcome message is sent to their email address, as signing up on your form triggers the action to send the welcome email.

You can then create follow up sequences accordingly, through actions triggered by your audience. You can prepare templated responses which are sent out after a LinkedIn contact triggered a certain call-to-action.

Always put in mind that the follow up templates you will create should be per the reader’s journey. Don’t worry. Infusionsoft lets you segment leads per behaviour and actions so you are sending relevant, personalised automated messages

Automating follow up sequences is made easier with Infusionsoft’s innovate features that can even be integrated with social networks. The automation system is mostly all about drag-and-drop, so you don’t need to be another Internet wizard to setup your campaigns.

If you want to be ahead of the game, create a content calendar for your follow up templates. When does your content team need to create your follow up templates for the new product, promotion or campaign? What seasonal messages to deliver at specific times?

Take all the anxiety and chaos of your follow up processes, and let Infusionsoft do the tricks in a more human way for you. What is more, with Infusionsoft, you can track who opens your email, who goes to the links you provided, who bought your offer, among other valuable metrics. 

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