By David Holland

June 3, 2021


It is no secret that SEO and lead generation are two of the most important aspects of any marketing plan

If you want your website to be seen by as many people as possible, search engine optimization (SEO) is the way to go. SEO involves refining webpages so they rank higher in Google and other SERPs for relevant queries. Higher ranking pages have a greater chance of being shown on searches; if this happens more often, users will find that information faster than ever with an increased likelihood of making purchases or completing tasks without any additional help from customer service agents!

A quick tip: make sure URLs are descriptive enough and not too long – both factors can negatively impact rankings! This article has some helpful tips about optimizing your keywords while still creating readable content - check it out now before reading anything else online today!

Unfortunately, many companies fail to see how these strategies can work together to drive more leads and sales for their business. SEO can be a confusing topic, especially for beginners. There are many different strategies to employ, and it's not always clear what the best approach is. Many people think that it is simply about getting as many backlinks as possible or writing content with certain keywords over and over again. While these tactics may work in the short term, they often lead to a penalty from Google down the road. 

The right way to do SEO is by creating high-quality content that provides real value for your readers instead of just keyword stuffing or building links out of thin air. This will help you rank higher on search engines without having to worry about penalties later on. By combining SEO with your lead generation strategy, you will be able to increase traffic, conversion rates and revenue from your website.

Here’s a look at seven ways in which you can use SEO as part of your lead generation strategy...

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