By David Holland

June 3, 2021


The average website abandonment rate is around 68.49%. This means that you are losing almost 2 out of 3 visitors who land on your website!

Abandoning visitors can be a big problem for any business, especially when they come to your site with the intent to buy something. It’s like throwing money in the trash! It takes less than 0.05 seconds before a visitor forms an opinion about your company's site - so how do you ensure that first impression is positive?

You should understand that there are many reasons why people abandon their shopping carts and leave your website without buying anything from you. Keeping this in mind, it becomes very important for every online retailer or marketer to adopt specific strategies and tactics which will help them reduce the number of abandoning visitors significantly.  The following list includes key elements that contribute to keeping conversion rates higher and a better flow of engagement.

The first thing you should do is focus on improving the core design and usability of the site.

- The design should be clean, user-friendly and give a professional impression. If your site is not responsive, you're going to lose customers because it's hard for them to navigate on their mobile device.

- Picking the right colour scheme for your website can be a daunting task. Colours have the potential to impact moods and drive reactions from visitors, so it is important to choose colours that you feel will lead to positive outcomes.

-This may sound more than obvious but it's crucial to ensure that consumers are not being spammed by unfriendly ads and popups. There are many websites which do this, but why would customers want to carry on browsing? Would you want to stay on a site that does this?

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