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July 6, 2016


The 9 Stellar Email Marketing Strategy Tips For Infusionsoft

So you are a small business that is using Infusionsoft, or trying to, and the whole reason you moved to this system is to automate campaigns and streamline your business. This is what I hear from clients all the time. This is what they want to achieve but so often they just don’t know where to start. They’ve been on the Infusionsoft Training and they know where to click and how to build their campaigns, but then have a feeling of overwhelm not knowing what to build or where to start. Have you experienced this?

My name is Michelle Cachucho and I am the Founder of Best Minds Marketing. Here at Best Minds we focus on email marketing and campaign strategy because it’s the one big thing that will massively impact your business.

So here is the thing. We know email marketing works. In 2014 there was a study done across a board of marketers and they were asked the question, “Which marketing channel delivers the greatest ROI?”. Email marketing topped the chart with 68% of marketers saying that it had a great ROI and was easy to implement.

Having spoken at the EXELA Infusionsoft User Conference on the 3rd of June, I really wanted to focus on showing the value of email marketing and why having a strategy in place is key, as I know this can make the world of difference to small businesses with just a bit of effort.

Here are “9 Simple Steps To Understanding The Value of Email Marketing”

  1. Email Marketing has the greatest ROI:

As mentioned earlier, email marketing has the greatest return on investment compared to any other marketing channel and so having a clear roadmap and strategy is critical. If there is a channel that is giving you the best return, it’s certainly an avenue that would warrant focus.

In a recent National Client Email Survey conducted by The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), it was confirmed that “56% of client marketers plan to increase their budget allocation to email in 2014”.

The reason for this? It’s because it’s the easiest to implement and provides the greatest return. How much have you increased your email marketing budget by this year?

  1. Email is the cheapest form of marketing.

When you look at the monthly cost of Infusionsoft, let’s say a minimum of $199 a month, and compare this to other marketing channels, it becomes clear very quickly what a small investment this is for the luxury of having unlimited communication with your customers.

As an experiment I did some keyword research and looked at the cost per click for the phrase “ Email Marketing Services”, which would be relevant to my business. The cost came out at £15.90 per click. That is close to £16 just for one click and that’s not even guaranteeing that the person will sign up to my list allowing me ongoing communication. That’s just one click and one landing page.

Now of course I am a huge believer in AdWords as they absolutely help drive revenue. The point here it to highlight the cost associated with clicks and how important it is to make every click count. Always make sure one of your main focuses is getting that email address where you can then have constant communication with that subscriber.

  1. Mobile growth

It’s no secret that we are using our mobiles more and more. You can now make purchases using your smart phone and fingerprint. If you think about it, how often are you ever without your mobile phone? My guess is never!

Mobile email opens have grown by 180% in three years. From 15% in 2011 to 42% in 2014. Google have recently updated their algorithm prioritizing sites that are mobile optimized because mobile search now accounts for 50% of traffic.

What does this mean for email marketing? This means that you are quite literally in your customer’s pocket, or handbag, 24 hours a day. Checking email is one of the predominant activities done on a mobile phone. So if you are not yet communicating with your customers via email you are missing a massive opportunity.

  1. Data is an asset to your business:

Do you know why Facebook were able to raise $16 Billion when they went public? It was not because of all the features the software had. It was because of all the data they held about their customers, and the one critical and unique piece of data they had to identify customers was their email address. It sits at the core of Facebook’s data and defines many things.

Having an email-marketing database is considered an asset of any business. It’s property that you own and classed as an asset which has massive bearing should you wish to sell your company or take it public. If this is one of your intentions then growing your email database could add quite a few zero’s onto your company valuation. Effectively the more data you have about a subscriber, the more valuable it is. And remember that the email address is the key piece of information that allows the subscriber to be uniquely identified.

  1. Email Marketing versus Social Media

Time and time again I come across clients allocating a large portion of their marketing budget towards social media. This could be through advertising or time spent on building a following. This is indeed all valuable stuff, but one of the biggest risk factors is that you do not own your social following like you do your email database.

When I look at client’s pages and the posts on social media, very seldom is there a request made to subscribe to the email marketing list.

Did you know that of your Facebook fan page followers, only 5% of people who like your page get visibility of your posts? So if you have 1000 followers’ only 50 people will actually have visibility of what you are consistently posting on your page.

Facebook own full control over what gets presented and this is where you loose impact on your marketing efforts. If you are spending a lot of time on social channels, make sure you are including invitations for people to subscribe to your list. The list is where the opportunity lies not in a social following.

  1. Email Marketing Keeps Your Product Front Of Mind

In today’s day an age we are bombarded with marketing from flyers, TV advertisements, sms, web advertising, radio. The list is long and distinguished. In the past it was said that you needed to “touch “ your customer at least 7 times before they made a purchase. Because of the huge uplift in advertising these days, it’s more like 14 “touches” before your customer makes a purchase.

Email marketing is an excellent way to create brand visibility for your product or service. Even if the subscriber does not read your email, or open it for that matter, the subject line is doing the job of keeping your brand front of mind. Something that is often forgotten yet so incredibly powerful.

  1. Email Marketing offers priceless management information

One thing that is also often forgotten is the amount of priceless management information available through sending emails.

The best way to demonstrate this is through a Best Minds client case study.

Vicki Wusche, Founder of Wusche Associates, is one smart lady. She was voted as one of the UK’s top 20 most influential people in property and has written 3 property books.

Vicki brought Best Minds in to help develop an email marketing strategy so she could leverage her already highly engaged base, which is exactly what we focused on. One of the recommendations was that we implement a preferences campaign and ask her sizable email list what type of client they thought they were. Simple process yet so effective.

From just one campaign we found 39 new leads that were specifically interested in Vicki’s premium service of property sourcing. By closing just half of these leads Vicki would have significantly increased her revenue.

8 – Trust:

Email marketing is permission based. This means in order to communicate with subscribers via email, it requires them to share their details with you by opting into your list or have engaged in doing business with you. If you are buying data to email people then STOP! It is damaging your IP reputation and long-term, your ability to get into inbox.

Grow your list organically and get people who want to be on your list to opt in. Once you have their information they trust you to send relevant information they want to hear about. The doors of communication have been opened and this is something you need to treat with respect and care. I treat my subscribers like family and there is great value in doing this. Creating a connection through email is a very powerful tool and can lead to many positive outcomes. This is quite a unique feature of email marketing.

9 – Control Over The Customers Journey:

In each email, your intention should always be to drive the reader to click on a link. This is called a Call To Action (CTA). This in turn then sends your reader to a landing page of your choice, and this is where the beauty lies. You can in effect change that landing page at any time thereby giving you full control of what your users see and how they interact with your brand. Even after the email has gone out.

There is also the option to do all sorts of clever things like being able to split test different variables and decipher which landing page performs the best in terms of layout, copy or media type.

Recently I have had clients that have been suffering from the above mentioned overwhelm when looking to use Infusionsoft to create an automated email campaign.

I asked my client Leigh Ashton, Co-founder of Sasudi, what her thoughts were on this overwhelm experienced when looking at campaign creation and the frustrations that went with it.

Here’s what Leigh had to say:

“As a business we are acutely aware of the value of email marketing and the benefits of setting up automated campaigns. We’ve recently launched a re-engagement campaign with the help of Best Minds and managed to generate a lot of opportunities worth thousands of £’s to us.

More recently we looked to send a targeted campaign to our high net worth individuals in our email database, promoting Sasudi and the new functionality. My Co-founder Jonathan looks after the Infusionsoft side of things and he often suffers from this overwhelm you mention.

You see the thing with campaign automation is that there is a considerable commitment of upfront time and effort. The trick is getting over the hurdle of figuring out what we should be sending to a specific group and then compiling all the parts that make up a campaign like copy, images and the sequence itself. But once the campaign is up and running, it’s usually smooth sailing from there.

Jonathan had actually said on this occasion he would be happier to send the emails out manually because he felt that getting everything together to create an automated campaign would take longer and was experience this overwhelm. And he is right. It might take longer initially, but the customer experience is nowhere near as good and then you have the ongoing manual involvement of maintaining that communication once the initial email has gone out. Short term it might be quicker and less work but in the long run we suffer a lot from going down the manual route.

It’s actually a psychological barrier the needs to be overcome and essentially it comes down to the perceived fear of not knowing how to do it, the aversion to investing the time upfront to getting everything set up and the avoidance of the unknown.

What we have learnt is that it is always worth the time and money to get the campaign automated and set up because in the long run it generates more revenue and costs less time. And if there is one thing for sure, it’s knowing that your competitors need to overcome this same psychological barrier too. So the minute we overcome this, it’s 90% of the battle won.”

Leigh makes a great point here. 90% of the battle is committing time and energy to a task that most people just won’t do. Couple that with the most powerful marketing channel and automating it using Infusionsoft and that is a recipe for success.

So the next time you suffer from that overwhelm of not knowing what to do next, or think that the upfront work is not worth your time, remember that this is what a lot of other businesses are thinking, including your competitors and just a little bit of effort can go a long way and put you miles ahead of the rest.

Michelle is the founder and owner of Best Minds Marketing. You can view her blog here –

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