By David Holland

January 13, 2017


Attract More Customers to Your Small Business with Powerful Lead Magnets

5 Effective Lead Magnet Ideas for You

Lead magnets are mighty tools to get potential, future customers to your email list, while in return you give them real value from signing up. In exchange for an offer, people provide you their contact information and from there, you can begin building and nurturing relationships. With the right marketing messages, these people will then be on their way to the buying cycle.

You know that the first step to bringing in new customers to your business, is to let them know you exist or if they already known about you, you have to constantly remind them of your existence. That demands constant, timely communication and lovable marketing messages that resonate to your audience’s needs.

The story begins with a powerful lead magnet . . .

A potential lead has visited your landing page and there he saw your catchy lead magnet offer. That lead magnet must be valuable enough so that he will be willing to trade his information for it.

Powerful lead magnets attract more people to sign up for your lists; may that list be for newsletters, promotions, marketing, among others. Know the essentials before building your lead magnet:

  • Identify who your customers are.
  • Do psychographic and demographic analysis to find the right voice to use.
  • Position your offer as the answer to the audience’s problems and needs.
  • Build better relationships through effective follow up after they receive your lead magnet.

When you finally make a compelling offer, you have to create a catchy lead capture page which serves as a landing page where people are redirected. They visit that page and if it is straightforward, catchy and promising enough, they would not hesitate to provide their information in exchange for the offer.

Here are some offers that you can create as a lead magnet:

  • Quizzes and surveys. People love quizzes and surveys that connect to who they are. For example, people who are into a vegetarian diet would love health-related quizzes or surveys that are specifically for vegans. Outputs from your surveys or quizzes won't simply give you the leads’ contact information, but also provide valuable information to understand them more.
  • Tools, hacks or cheat-sheets. People on the Internet (who also happen to be your product's potential audience) appreciate tips and tricks that can make their lives easier in any sense. How about offering them useful information like infographics, plans, presentations, DIY’s or sharing your expertise in a form of a simple report? Any of those could work as a lead magnet.
  • Swipe files of the bests. Some love knowing the best-performing stuff on the things that they are interested in, and for that you can create a swipe file. A swipe file is simply a collection of the best: it could be in form of articles, blog posts or reports. This swipe file helps you save time from researching and crafting a fresh lead magnet. People appreciate swipe files because they are great time savers. Example of a swipe file could be “The Best Video Editing Tools as Recommended by the Most Popular Videographers”.
  • Tutorial videos or live webinars. A handful of digital marketing researches conclude that people on the Internet love visuals. You can create free video tutorials or set up a live webinar as a lead magnet offer. Quick courses are also proven to generate leads.
  • Free trials or time-limited offers. Selling any type of digital product? How about free-trials or subscriber-exclusive offers as your lead magnet? Your potential customers would surely like to grab that opportunity. If you have online services as a product, how about offering a free consultation?

You might not be a super genius to accelerate sales, but you can surely do wonders when you finally have a list of potential future customers, courtesy of course, of your powerful lead magnet. Consider your lead magnet as the first part of your marketing funnel.

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