By David Holland

January 11, 2017


Attract Leads, Build Better Relationships with Customers and Increase Revenue for Your Small Business

Infusionsoft is Everything You Need for All These

No matter how diverse the business industry might be, everyone’s bottom line is all the same: to see those sales spike at the end of the month. Whatever strategies you may have on your plate right now, you know for certain that the focus is all about your customers.

But, as your small business starts to grow, so are the demands to offer better products, customers services, follow-ups, post-sale updates, among others. Really, your to-do lists could go on and on. Plus, there sure is a challenge or two (or more) going on in your organization. How can Infusionsoft help you on all of these?

Infusionsoft has been the go-to tool for thousands of small businesses when it comes to building better relationships with customers and improve return on investment. For your small business, this innovative tool can be your superhero.

Attract more leads

Attract more leads, stop potential customers from slipping away and make existing ones stick around by improving your processes. Start by building straightforward lead magnets that offer real value to your targeted customers. That lead magnet could be a free eBook, a product upgrade or an in-store freebie or discount. You can also build lead magnets to capture leads from contests, surveys and offline reach.

Make sure your lead magnets are integrated with Infusionsoft so it can automatically create a database and segment list accordingly. Once your lists are grouped or segmented, you can begin to create targeted campaigns and Infusionsoft will keep track of metrics. This data can then be use to analyze and build better marketing campaigns in the future.

Lead capturing is made even better with Infusionsoft’s innovative capabilities; helping you give visitors personalized and valuable offers right away. Small businesses who have used Infusionsoft for their lead generation, have seen increased conversion rates of more than 40% from their campaigns.

Build better relationships with customers

Having people on your list is the first step of the many before you can send people to the buying cycle. This is when lead nurturing comes in. From the moment you met (virtually or in real life) your prospective customer, up to the time they need after-sale services, keep in mind to provide only the best for them. Infusionsoft allows you to build better relationships among customers without having to go through a repetitive cycle again and again.

For instance, with Infusionsoft, you can create automated welcome e-mails that you pre-build for your specific target group. These welcome emails are personalized and made to resonate to your audience — INDIVIDUALLY. That simply means that they won’t receive generic e-mails but messages that they would actually love to take action. With Infusionsoft you can also automate queries, follow-ups and even post-sale messages.

When your small business began, it was easy to keep track of every customers. But when you reach your first milestone, say your first 1000 customers perhaps, it became more complicated to make each of them happy. Infusionsoft has that power to help you to maintain, keep track and anticipate your customer’s needs. With this soft-ware you can streamline customer’s interactions, optimize your marketing campaigns and make use of powerful metrics for better conversion.

Since customer reach and engagements are automated through Infusionsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) workflows, less time is spent on tasks, customer engagement is on the right track and consistency is top-notch. Customers don’t just get generic messages but ones that are specifically crafted for them and according to their ‘journey’ with your company.

With Infusionsoft, customer behavior is automatically tracked down so you can create targeted campaigns and build nurturing sequences to serve your customers better. Overall, with this software you can:

  • Send personalized messages in a timely and targeted manner.
  • Segment leads to know which potential customer is likely to buy, won’t buy or need more nurturing.
  • Save time, stay organized and have the right tool to build better relationships, quickly and effectively.

Here’s more: Infusionsoft also lessens chaos around internal processes and tasks. You can keep track of your small business as you can assign tasks to your staff using Infusionsoft. Redundant tasks can also be automated so there’s no room for manual error anymore.

Increase revenue

Now as much you have the best marketing and sales strategies on hand, it all boils down to the product and services you provide to your customers. Begin to re-evaluate your product/s. Does it deliver the values proposed on your marketing messages? Remember, while the best marketing strategies may be able to sell the products, it is CUSTOMER’S SATISFACTION that gathers loyal customers, who raves for your brand. You want these customers to keep coming back for your offers, refer your product to the people they know of and to trust your brand as a provider. Re-analyze if: you priced your product correctly, if your products are better than its competition and if your brand is loveable enough.

Develop your own system and processes. For example, you can invoice a customer and let your referral be a part of post-sale follow-up. You may offer rewards to entice more people to refer your product. You can also send automated reminders to existing customers about your referral program. As timing is very important when asking for referrals, only ask referrals from customers who have positive feedback from your service, company or product.

Don’t let abandoned online shopping carts be “totally” abandoned. Send follow-ups to remind customers about sweet offers and why they should checkout their carts. You can also build up-selling offers.

How to make use of Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a worthy investment for any small business owner who wants to leverage the power of technology to bring in more customers, build better brand and increase revenue. To accelerate and maximize profitability from Infusionsoft, consult an expert who can untangle the complexities and remove all the techy barriers from this powerful system so you can finally maximize your team’s efficiency and optimize your bottom line.

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Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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