By David Holland

February 7, 2022


Automate Common Tasks in Your Business with Keap for Better Productivity and Conversion

Keap’s innovative automation features have proven to help small businesses accelerate and simplify daunting tasks. Since its existence in early 2000, Keap has helped thousands of businesses amplify brand, conversion and return on investment. 

The many wonders of Keap automation . . .

Contact requests which are among the foundation of building relationships with new customers can be automated through Keap. By automating requests, you are able to immediately respond to fresh prospects. As delayed responses can lose the odds of qualifying a fresh lead by 21x, it’s a wise move to automate those contact requests. 

Following up within 5 minutes increases chances. This is why you should also automate welcome emails with Keap. Studies cite that welcome emails have 58% open rates compared to other promotional emails. Whether the welcome email is for a new customer, a new lead or for a fresh subscriber of your newsletter, automating welcome messages means you are striking the iron while it’s still hot and people are likely to open it.

Lead assignment to representatives can also be automated. The process is straightforward: leads input their basic information and notes. Keap automatically sends this information to your representative who can do the phone call or email for follow-ups. Keap also has innovative “phone tags” that let you keep lead scoring simplified and more effective. Through phone tags’ automated reminders, notes and follow-ups are more timely and are efficiently personalized according to the specific scenario. If the campaign is done through emails and other formats, it can also be automated through various intelligent sequences personalized according to a lead’s journey with your business. 

Selling processes can also be automated. Matter of fact, Keap can be your Project Manager for those selling tasks. Automating your selling processes through Keap ensures that everything is in place. Existing processes are organized. For example, when a person needs an assistant by a representative, when a customer triggers an action, the request for assistance is then automatically sent to the rep.

Since Keap automatically keeps track of your leads and their behaviour, it’s easier to analyse and group leads who are ready to buy. Leads can be automatically sorted from hot to cold so you can be more effective on your marketing messages. Hot leads get more push and promotion to accelerate sales. Meanwhile you can automatically stay engaged with customers who aren’t ready to buy through sequenced nurturing. Automated lead nurturing with Keap makes sure that no opportunities slip through cracks and leads are given the right personalized message at the right time. 

E-commerce processes such as generating repeat sales, asking for referrals, abandoned cart reminders, failed billing charges information, among others can also be automated. As Keap have dashboards where you can see metrics and progress, it’s easy to analyse e-commerce data and export them for evaluation.

Essential customer service tasks such as post-sale inquiries, appointment reminders, asking for customer feedback or satisfaction ratings, referral programs, sending out birthday wishes to existing customers -- just to name a few -- can be automated too. In short, you get to WOW your customers without having to do all the manual hard work.

The more you automate the more time you can save.  Time you can then use to focus on the important tasks in your business.  

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Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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