By David Holland

October 7, 2016


Automate to Make Your Best Marketing Strategies Even Better

If you have a solid marketing plan, then you’re definitely on the right track but do you know that automation has the power to make your best marketing strategies even better?

Matter of fact, automation should be a part of every business plan.

Through automation, you can streamline, measure, and automate all your marketing workflow so the outcome is more efficient business operation, predictable marketing results and expanded RoI.

About 60% of the most successful companies out there are using marketing automation and 75% of those that use automation tools sees incredible increase on RoI within a year.

Infusionsoft is the leading provider of automation tools dedicated for all business sizes.

Contrary to some belief that automation is less personalized hence less effective when it comes to building customer relationship, automation is actually customized in a sense that does not only help build customer-business-relationship but also shortens the buying cycle.

Your diverse and complex eco-system of marketing strategies can be centralized in an automation tool.

Email Marketing

Imagine the hassle of sending e-mails to 10 000 individuals from diverse groups and different demographics. You can probably figure out how ineffective your e-mail marketing campaigns would turn out as blasting general emails does not have a personal touch. You are blindly sending e-mails to random people and not targeting them. The e-mail does not resonate to them. It is blunt and dull and is likely not read, worse, the reader may tag it as a spam.

But that does not happen with e-mail automation.

Email marketing through automation becomes easier as everything can be automatized from sending your first email, to follow up and even up to closing the sale with your prospective customers. Leads are segmented according to their behavior and intent, so the emails sent are personalized to build rapport and trust with the reader. You just simply need to make use of your lead list, segment accordingly, create stunning content and you’re e-mail marketing campaign is ready to roll.

Landing Pages

Whether the goal is to convert a website visitor into a buying customer or to extract their information for lead generation, a landing page has to be at its best form.

With an effective automation tool, landing page can be easily created, integrated with your database or lead scoring and you have the option to host on your own website. Automation basically eases out the hassle of having to use different other tools from sign-up confirmations to followup, and launching marketing campaigns to the buying cycle.

CRM Done Right

With automation, Customer Relationship Management is done right. It allows you to track and respond to your customers unique behavior so you are addressing them according to their needs. It shortens the marketing cycle and expedites the lead nurturing process so you can close more deals. Through effective automation tool such as Infusionsoft, you are able to get actionable insights and measurable results on your campaigns.

Social Marketing

You can create promotions and keep track of your marketing progress in social media with automation. You can also add social share button onto emails to generate more buzz for your e-mail marketing campaigns.

Automation tools lets you to see which contact use social media and from there, you can create promotional and marketing campaigns accordingly. Through automation, you can also schedule social media post ahead of time.

Campaign Management

What used to be weeks of campaign management can be churn down to hours when you make use of automation for your marketing campaigns. A/B testing is done more efficiently, optimizing campaign effectiveness.

Negative and positive lead scoring are also built-in automation tools. You can make use of these scoring tools so you can sort out your lead list to the most active prospect. You can set up lead scoring frameworks for each of your product line to broadly define every prospect according to their interest.

Lead Management.

Your captured leads from both your demand generation and inbound marketing are manage through segmentation and scoring. Lead nurturing is made easier as you can create relevant, personalized and automated campaigns tailored according to your lead’s persona. Lead nurturing, closing the sales and even customer service can be done through automation. Lead management process is closely monitored through built-in analytic and reporting functionalities for better insights which helps on your future marketing strategies.

So what’s the bottom line?

Marketing automation allows you to reduce time on creating campaigns, nurture leads in a more personalized way and lets your formulate techniques in advanced. The hassle of import and export data such us support, billing and customer service related transactions can also be done through automation too, saving you time and resources.

Triggered campaigns allows nurturing better than ever and lead scoring is more effective as audience are segmented if they are in the buying, renewal or up for another purchase. Visitor behavior is intelligently analyze so you can execute relevant and more targeted campaigns. Messages are sent base on the prospect’s intent.

Overall, marketing automation reduces staffing costs, improves accountability of the marketing team, provides less repetition and more creativity, target potential customers across multiple channels and increase revenue overtime.

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Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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