Better Marketing Through Automation

Better Marketing Through Automation 

Automation is like the Jack-of-all trades when it comes to customer management and marketing. B2B and B2C companies benefit the most from it. Keap, for instance, is an innovative tool that allows you to centralize campaigns and customer management under one hood.  

So instead of multiple tools and people doing the job, tasks are automated using a single tool and its multi-functionalities. While not all work in the business can be automated, the most common tasks such as lead management, email follow up, lead conversion, closing a sale, handling payments, among others can be efficiently executed and tracked down through automation.  

Automation for Your Email Marketing

You know the basics to effective e-mail marketing: deliver a message that resonates and it is likely that you’ll get a conversion. But, what happens when you should send personalized messages to, say, a thousand people?  That is almost impossible to do manually! And, should you insist, that's going to take a lot of time and resources.  

With automation, e-mail is personalized through segmentation and tagging so you can send targeted message by bulk to a specified group of recipients.  There is also a library of pre-define automated campaigns that can be dropped and dragged. Customers can be sorted by sequence so every message is moved along the sequence.

Automate your welcome emails, order follow ups, reactivation, or renewals. Even with a fresh contact's information, you can send them automated welcoming e-mails.  

What Keap does is ease out the hassle of having to use multiple software to accomplish your email marketing tasks. The intuitive, simple layout is easy to use. Creating forms and emails is quick even for those who don't know design, they can do it like a pro.

Automation with Infusionsoft goes beyond email marketing itself. You can do fax and voice too. You can also trigger campaigns, return on investment tracking, and make use of a powerful database. Dynamic coupons can also be done to your product pages or shopping carts.

Automate the simple stuff so you can focus on the big stuff

Get 25 suggestions for what you can automate easily to free up your time

Convert leads into customer 

Organize leads according to their psychographic and demographic segmentation for better engagement and profiling. Through powerful segmentation, you can create messages that resonates with them. No need for manual follow-ups. Bring in more customers to your business quicker. 

The essential point of every product is to nail the sale. Save time and generate more sales, streamline the process with the efficient system build for businesses like yours.  

Spend less time working  

Gone are the days of folders and scanning through calendars to find important tasks such appointments or remembering when to purchase brand new office tools. Automation shortens the lifeline of a lot of time-consuming tasks. 

For example, follow up is a tedious task specially for a company with a growing number of customers. Although the date and time can be handled by scheduling software, the process of remembering what must be done to the follow-up is time-consuming. From following-up on fresh leads or sending new invitations for a new product to loyal customers -- automation can help 

Keep up with customers 

Automation software like Keap is also very useful for acquiring new customers from following the processes and stages from lead generation and up to prospecting to closing a sale. With automation, nothing is left behind. The risks of forgotten leads, the hassle of manually sending welcome emails to new customers and the lengthy sales process -- all are shortened in a more efficient way.  

As complex as the Keap system could be, user experience isn't complicated. So, go ahead, make use of this powerful system for your business.


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